Bluetooth Extravaganza!

Yes, but how big is the Craig CMA3549? Specs does not say…

Geez, even the Craig site doesn’t say.

Amazon says 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches. I’ll pop off an email to see if we can get that confirmed.

Update: It’s confirmed that these are pretty small and those dimensions seem about right.

For new items I wonder why it’s “Warranty: 90 Day Craig” ? If I buy a few for Christmas gifts, it’s 4 weeks until I gift it, leaving 60 days for the party I gifted it to. I would expect a 1 year on a new item. Any chance it’s incorrect?

You should most likely receive your product much earlier than 4 weeks (especially if choosing an alternate shipping speed).
Standard shipping takes 3-5 business days from the day of purchase and should arrive much sooner after shipment.

Also, per the Craigs Electronics Website:
“Craig warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects in material and
workmanship under normal use for a period of 90 days from date of purchase.”

from PDF for Model: CMP738B

I believe you have misinterpreted what he wrote. He stated that he is worried about the warranty period since it will be 4 weeks before he gifts it, as in give it to someone as a Christmas present, at which point the receiver of the gift will only have 60 days left on the warranty, which he doesn’t feel is long enough for a new item.

So in response to the OP, 90-days is Craig’s standard warranty period for their electronic devices. Woot does not have any control over that however you can choose to purchase a Square Trade extended warranty for additional protection, Happy Thanksgiving!

Excellent answer. I’ll add to that a recommendation that you check out all gifts (bought from ANY retailer) before gifting if possible.

Bought the Avantree bluetooth receiver a few weeks back.

Love it.

Plugged it into sound bar aux input and bam pretty reasonable sound system.

Has not failed to connect when requested from a number of devices.

Sound quality is better than I expected.

Happy Camper.

For the two inexpensive Craig bluetooth speakers, can you play music while it is plugged into AC power?

Not finding any info on that out on the webz.

Perhaps a wooter that has them could chime in?

I do not recommend you purchase the “ION Audio iSP0A Phone Station Desktop Speakerphone System for Mobile Phones” even at $1.99. I bought one several weeks ago (from Woot! at $5) and it was junk! I tried to use it but even though the speaker was OK (barely), the microphone was total trash! I tried and tried but everyone I called constantly complained that they could not hear/understand me. They told me I was breaking up, fading out, etc. I put it where is belongs - in the garbage!

Do NOT buy this item! (If after reading this you still decide to but the “ION Audio iSP0A Phone Station Desktop Speakerphone System” you were warned!)

You must have gotten a bad one because I use mine all the time. I work from home and we have weekly teleconferences where I use it…not a problem with microphone so far.

Unfortunately i already ordered the speaker before you posted… got it today… and its pretty much trash… no better than the phones own loudspeaker… and i wont say the mic is unusable… but definately lots and lots of distortion… if it was only 2 bucks that would be ok… the 5 dollar shipping im not too happy about… could have put that 7 bucks to use on something better on some amazon lightening deal…