Bluetooth Gadgets

Can’t find any reviews of the QFX BT-201. Hmm.

Motorola Smart Controller for Android has 2.5 stars on Amazon, mixed-to-negative reviews, for $23.99.

Could 2 of these be used together? For example, could 1 be attached to re-transmit Bluetooth signal from smartphone, then the 2nd be attached to a stereo system? In other words, the phone would transmit to the receiver. Both have better antennas, better range.

I purchased the Bluetooth tower last week when it was under a different sale. When using bluetooth, there is constant interference and the remote control doesn’t provide any sort of BT controls. I don’t advise anyone to purchase it unless they’re ignoring the BT capabilities.

Wooters might be able to help you better if you could let us know which items you’re interested in. Thanks!

I think he wants to know if you can use the 2 miccus devices together, 1 transmitter and 1 receiver. I am ordering 1 of each and I will try it but I dont know if it will work.

Yes Dave, that’s what I am wondering.

Does anyone have an opinion on the Miccus Rx/Tx or the Avantree Saturn Rx/Tx? I am going to purchase the saturn hoping it is better since it has the aptX decoder.

5Wx4 @4Ohms on the Bluetooth tower??? That’s embarrassing…

I use a Miccus Rx in my car on a regular basis. It’s connected to the Aux jack in the console, and it handles the Texas heat admirably. Great quality audio, and no interference (of course the phone is less than a foot away). I just wooted another one for home.

I have several of the Miccus transmitters and receivers…they work great together…I bought mine for around 35 apiece about 6 months ago - if I needed another bluetooth device I would purchase these in a heartbeat…

I bought the Miccus BBMR-02 Mini-jack RX Bluetooth Music Receiver a few months ago. If given the choice I’d skip it in favor of something more reliable. We used it in my wife’s car for a while but the connection was spotty and sound quality was a little off.

The BT-201’s work perfectly. Wonderful bass sound through Bluetooth. In fact, I’m so pleased with the bluetooth, I haven’t even tried to do direct through auxiliary. Range is good, very satisfied.

Anyone have opinion on the sound bar?

Which Bluetooth gadget is best to play music from an I-pad? Thanks

These can connect to each other, I rec’d mine today and connected them

I have had one of the white Sylvania branded Bluetooth devices since last Fall. It works very good as an in-vehicle hands free BT with its built in microphone. Speaker sound quality and volume is very good and clear but just in mono from one speaker and built in port opposite the speaker. It paired easily with everything I’ve tried. I bought mine from Big Lots for $20 plus tax so $17 plus shipping is not a bad price. I think I may buy another as a spare since it works well as an inexpensive hands free device in my work truck and mine has survived a lot of abuse so far.

Avantree Roxa has pretty good reviews on Amazon, but a pretty small price difference given they ship it free…

I purchased a QFX CS-42USBT tower from Woot. It was missing a remote and Woot instructed me to contact QFX.

QFX stated they would FedEx a new one to me. Quite some time later, a remote showed up in the mail.

QFX shipped it to me in a standard letter envelope, unprotected and the remote was physically shattered.

Still waiting to get this resolved.

Ugh. Post office is still hiring Hulk’s relatives, I see. If you have problems resolving, feel free to email for some ideas.