Bluetooth Gone MAD

I picked up the Mini RX and the Home Rx/Tx both in a previous Woot! and I am very happy with the performance. The thing that surprised me the most is the audio remains synchronized with the video on my iOS devices and Mac Mini.

The car visor doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon, but those few are mixed.

I purchased 3 of the Miccus mini receivers and I really couldn’t be happier with them. Initial pairing was tricky just because you have to hold the button the right amount of time to start the pairing but after that, it has been perfectly reliable and never given me a problem. It is a well build, sturdy device and I recommend them to all of my friends for easy, reliable, high quality Bluetooth streaming in your car or at home. The confidence of having it auto power up and down with the power to the car being turned on or off is very convenient and reliable.
I feel like a commercial but I believe in praising good tech devices and this is one of them.

Remember the Dread Pirate Bluetooth? I miss that guy. Woot needs to bring him back.

The Miccus Mini-jack RX is cheaper on Amazon Prime, $30.57 w/ free shipping vs $28.99 plus $5 shipping on Woot. I guess if you were going to order 3 of them, or other items on woot that day, it might be an okay deal.

I was considering eliminating some under-the-rug cables in my apartment, but the price is already a little bit steep. I had to think about it and do a bit more research.

The dealbreaker is that, according to the manual from the mfr, this device can only pair with one receiver at a time. If I’m going to eliminate the 10 ft cable in my living room, I want to be able to send the audio from my stereo to the bedroom too, since I’m already putting that signal into the magical land of radio waves.

Surprising that this is not possible. I figure they’d sell a whole lot more RX items if you could double-up for a multi-room or faux-surround setup. I would have been in not just for $68 for an RTX and RX, but probably $97 for RTX + 2 x RX.