Bluetooth Headsets

The Jabra stone is kinda cool but if you lose the “stone” You can’t charge the headset.

A link to my review of the Jabra Wave I wrote on Amazon about 2-1/2 years ago.

It turns out its fatal flaw is the bendy rubber part at the top connecting the tiny speaker to the rest of the housing. Over time, it cracked, and eventually pulled apart completely.

However, I have yet to find an earpiece with better ergonomics. And at $22 each, I’m in for two more.

Great price on the LG Tone Ultra. Use these at the gym and it’s one of the better sounding headsets I’ve found.

About the Plantronics Voyager Edge… That price is better than the price Plantronics is selling their refurbs for (89.95).

I have an older model Plantronics bluetooth like they use on NCIS LA and I can’t kill it and it is perfect for talking on the phone. The case is a backup battery. They come highly recommended.

The one thing that concerns me about refurbished headsets is battery life. Unless they replace the battery as part of the refurbishment process you have no idea how much or how little life it has left.

Refurbs? Are they Ear Wax free?

I just got my “Plus” set - they’re earwax free and come with new accessories, but they were COVERED in fingerprints, which I thought was pretty gross. First thought was wondering “what about them was refurbished”. Was something fixed that was broken? Who knows. I’d imagine battery would not have been replaced as part of the refurbishing process (especially as it’s not an easily replaceable battery) - if they can’t wipe the things down before sending them out, I’m guessing they’re not going to be replacing the battery. Leaves me concerned about if they’ll last.

Just got my Jabra Wave. It was a wired model (supposed to be bluetooth) and is extremely questionable as to how ear wax free it might be. Having worked in wireless for a big portion of my life, this went straight from a verizon returns box to my doorstep.

I ordered Bluetooth headset, but I received wired headset also.

I have also received a wired headset instead of the bluetooth headset.

Same here. Two wired headsets in smashed up boxes. What’s the return process? Now to see if all the customer service complaints have been accurate…

My LG Tone headset was nasty, covered in skin grease, gross earwax, Drakar Noir cologne, and cigarette tar.

It’s sticky and smells God-awful and I want my money back.

Oh man, I’m sorry for the trouble. If you haven’t, please email with your order info and issue. CS can review your available options.

It doesn’t look like any orders have been placed on this account. You’ll want to send a message with your order info and issue. CS can check into things for you.

I thought this was an honest mistake. They did this with all orders? Can’t believe this is backed up by Amazon. Last time I buy from here.

So much for a “bluetooth headset” event! You can add me to the list of buyers that got a wired jabra wave. This seems like a pretty big mess up woot.

Mine also came in a beat up Verizon box but it is pretty clean and seems unused.

Also received two wired Jabra Wave headsets in dilapidated Verizon-branded boxes. Filing a ticket with Woot support…

Sorry for the problems with the wrong headsets. CS is aware of the issue and will be able to assist.

Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Ditto here, but filed last week. No response to date. Very like, this whole fiasco.