Bluetooth Headsets

Woot sent me a Jabra Stone following the Great Headset Snafu of '15 and I absolutely love it. The stone part holds a charge forever and keeps the headset part nicely charged. Plus, its comfortable and sounds great.

Do the Motorola Boom and Whisper come with ear hooks?

Are these somewhat waterproof? Meaning, can I take them on a run or workout and not have to worry about my sweat ruining them.

No, they have ear gels.

So, to clarify: none of them are covered under warranty for water damage. BUT our vendor says:

The Motorola buds/wireless headphones & LG Tone 750 are not rated for water resistance at all.

And reviews for LG & Motorola bluetooth headsets seem to imply that sweating is fine so long as it’s not super heavy.

Had the Tone Plus (HBS-730) for 2 years - loved them. Cables eventually broke internally at the exit from the neckband.

Tone Infinum is $7 cheaper at Walmart BTW

Maybe I’m missing something, but the mothership is selling the HBS-750 for $47.98 (free shipping with prime) why would I buy it here for $2 more plus $5 shipping?

because woot has lost their value
they went from one deal to a conglomerate fuster cluck of many things for sale (not alwasy a good value)

I’m not able to find it on Walmart- can you link?

one dollar less at bestbuy

And BestBuy offers free shipping…


LG Tone HBS-900 Infinim @ Walmart for $7 cheaper AND free value shipping…

… even better, its $21 cheaper @ $68.99 on the 2nd owners Mothership website AND with free shipping too.

I’d be wary of that one. New seller with no feedback.