Bluetooth Is Magic




$62 on Amazon. 1400+ reviews avg 3 stars.

$50 on Newegg. 101 Reviews avg 3 Eggs.

PC Mag review 2 stars. Blasted for horrible sound quality.


only 40 percent of 205 reviewers at Best Buy recommend to buy.

Cost: $89.00


I bought the Motorola headphones for $25 when they were on Woot a few weeks ago.

For wireless headphones that you can wear while working in the yard, biking, running, etc., they’re not bad.

The audio quality is crap though. They’re worth $20 IMO, but no more.


Does the Canon Mouse come with a USB dongle or does the computer have to be BT enabled?


If you have one of the first gen Kindle Fires like I do, you can use the mini-jack to make it Bluetooth capable.


Please tell me more detail!


It says that it is compatible with mobile phones and mp3 players, Bluetooth compatible of course. Is it also compatible with other devices such as game consoles? Such as the ps3 or Xbox for example?


motorola s10-hd

got it last time on woot for $25.

works great, feels like it’d bounce and flop off your head while working out but it doesn’t. it does squeeze a bit tight and makes the area surrounding the earhole sore after a half hour.

sound quality is not awful…it’s especially adequate if you listen to podcasts or watch hulu/netflix while on the treadmill.

my unit came sparkling like new, no signs of use.


Bought the Bluetooth Motorola Headphones during a wootoff and as Xmas presents…

They work great and though they don’t come in fancy packaging were in perfect condition.

these are not Sennheisers so if you are expecting ultimate audio quality you shouldn’t get them…if you are looking for a reliable pair of bluetooth headphones for everyday audio needs …they work great.

I have a big noggin so they can get a little tight but for normal sized heads I think they’d be great.


I’m possessed of a especially large cranial feature, because genetics. Anyone mind whipping out the measuring tape and telling me how far these headphones can stretch?


Obviously it comes down to user preference but those Motorola HD10’s hurt my ears after about 10 minutes using the smallest ear plugs. Just too much vise-like pressure. Works great for telephone bluetooth but then it starts to get uncomfortable. I bought two last time. your mileage may vary.


Bluetooth is Magic… Strange Magic!



You just plug it into the audio jack where you normally put headphones then Bluetooth devices can recognize it and connect wirelessly.


Amazon has a few reviews that give dimensions, but if you have a Charlie Brown head then these headphones aren’t for you.


This is a little late, but the Canon mouse DOES NOT have a dongle included.


Dang it! I was hoping Woot would put the CL D200 up for sale again. I’ve been wanting to order one. I just wish it hadn’t sold out before I even saw it up this morning. (Turns out it was sold out within four hours of going on sale. :frowning: ).

In my crude attempt at math, I’m guessing they only had 63 units to sell, total.


If you’re curious about the Affinity Soundbox, I found a previous Woot-thread that includes a lot of feedback from an Affinity employee.


The workout headphones are adequate, if unspectacular. I got them last time they were on, and i’ve probably use them for ~5 hours/week.

Pros: they stay on (though they slip a little in the ear, so you do have to adjust them) and I can leave my phone in a locker/cubbie and listen to music in the entire gym. They also are definitely water proof; i’ve pounded out a few 5Ks, getting about as sweaty as I can, and they still work

Cons: Ok sound quality, and it slips a little in the ear, so you have to press it back in to make it not muffled. It pinches a little (though it seems like sometimes it finds a magic spot on my head where it doesn’t), and the telephone aspect is weak at best. In a noisy gym, no one can hear anything you say.

Jay Bird Freedoms they are not. But they are only $20.