Bluetooth Marine Grade Splash-Proof NFC Speaker

Where is the AUX in port on this? It doesn’t show it in the pictures. I’m curious if it’s in the same flap as the charging port or somewhere else on the unit.

I have the cheaper one (the other option listed on woot for $24.99) which does not have AUX in, and it works great. It actually got fully submerged a few times this weekend when I took it on a canoe trip and it kept on playing no problems. It’s my travel speaker and I frequently get compliments on how well it sounds and how it’s ruggedized and people can’t believe I paid less than $30 for it.

Hi there. [I found the manual](file:///C:/Users/dalcorn/Downloads/PWPBTN65.pdf). It shows where the AUX is on page 4.

It seems that in the past couple years Pyle has totally dropped the quality of the speakers in this unit. I got one of the earlier generations and it sounded great, but I picked up one of these last time it was on Woot and the sound quality is abysmal. Not even worth $10, much less $25 or $30.

Hm. I bought mine two years ago, I might have got in there before their reduction in quality to increase their profit.

Your link is a link to a file on your local computer C:\ drive.

That’s because I’m stupid. Sigh.

It’s on the Manual & Downloads tab on this page.

Haha, thanks

haha! Thanks for the link

Just bought this the last round a month ago. The Insignia $25 NS-SPBTBRICK one from Best Buy sounds much better.