Bluetooth Marine Grade Splash-Proof NFC Speaker

Mine is unusable. I skips out as if its in/out of range, or buffering. My phone is right next to it. Distance has no effect. No other speaker I have, has this problem.

Additionally my little hockey puck style speaker is louder and has better sound.

I expected more from a Pyle branded speaker.

Buyer beware!

Uh-oh! It sounds like your speaker is defective. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. They can help!

I have one of these and I like it a lot. I take it on my friends boat and it handles the spray well. It is loud enough for regular use, but when the party gets going it gets drowned out. It is solid and surprisingly heavy for its size. Holds a days worth of charge for me.

I bought one 3 years ago and it’s still going strong.
I bought it to use by our pool and it has been left outside and forgotten for days at a time. It has withstood rain, hundred degree temperatures it has been dropped, it’s been to the lake used on the boat and Borrowed by my Son’s friends and now it’s at the shop and we’re using it there.
It has a good quality sound and gets pretty loud. I’m able to leave my phone in the house and have the speaker outside by the pool and we don’t have any problems with it not connecting.
I liked it so much I just purchased a second one to have here at the house.
I highly recommend it.

I bought one of these a couple years back and it’s been a great speaker. Plenty of sound if you’re just sitting on the deck or working in the garage but not enough for a large party. Then again, it’s not intended for a big party. Sound is good with great bass and I’ve ran it up to about 7 hours without a recharge. Highly recommended at this price. I think it was $39.99 when I bought it.

Same here real piece of junk. Only works when plugged in and then doesn’t work well.
Don’t waste your money.

Its past any warranty offered. And besides, by the time I pay for shipping both ways for the return, I could just buy another…but not another Pyle. Fool me once…