Bluetooth Marine Grade Splash-Proof NFC Speaker

I have an older model of this that I got off woot! a while ago and I love it! It works great, has a crazy long battery life, and it sounds excellent!

I definitely recommend this speaker!

I have had two of these - one got stolen from my car. As noted in a previous post, they have great sound and battery life. The only oddity is that you have to hold the on button down for about 5 seconds for it to turn on. Very rugged, and pairs well.

I wish to supplement the comments of thelegendar and posti:
I, too, have bought and use two of Pyle’s earlier waterproof speakers (Bluetooth-only models) that look like this one. I use mine in the shower without worry of it getting wet. The battery life seems unnaturally long. Pairing is very easy. This model offers NFC and 3.5 mm plug access (as if you need a longer battery life!). This could only be improved if it could also pair as a speakerphone.