Bluetooth Marine Grade Splash-Proof NFC Speaker

Average sounding small speaker not a lot of volume(amplification)considering this is a $30 speaker not unexpected, decent multi-directional sound. The volume buttons have combined combined function of track selection so there will probably be some unintended forwarding and selection as a result. It appears to be well constructed(hefty weight). Had some issues with drop outs while streaming audio with bluetooth.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this speaker. I purchased the BT-only model almost a year ago when on Woot before. Am buying anothe one or two.
Never had a “streaming-dropout”. Sound is full compared to most speakers in this size/price class.
The ring/hangar turns out to be very useful as I’ve hung it all over strange places while in use.
BATTERY LIFE IS AMAZING. I streamed music via BT on this unit while I moved (550 mile trip straight thru) Almost 11 hours. Unbelievable life saver.
Get you a woot miracle here. (Just leave me 2)