Bluetooth OBD scanner

my ebay one was cheaper and worked with my HTC 4glte.

so far best free app is Torquelite.

Bought this same OBDII device through Amazon a few months ago. Paid a little over $20 for it. Works great with my Galazy Note 12 and my old 2004 Silverado pickup. Very cool.

Was in a parking lot and a lady’s Honda minivan was giving an error message. I plugged in the OBDII reader, fired up the minivan, found the error code on the Note 12, googled the code and found out what the problem was. The cool factor of being able to help somebody on the spot was worth the 20+ bucks.

Definitely worth playing with.

I bought one of these off ebay for $5. The device itself works great, but the software that comes with them, and I’ve read this elsewhere too, is usually pirated. Even Lookout on my Android phone flagged the Torque software that was included on the CD-ROM that came with my device.

That’s not to say that the software that comes with this one offered by Woot is pirated, but I’d be leery.

And that’s just to say, you probably still want to buy the software legitimately separately from the device from the appropriate app store for your device.

I remember the days when I would wait for the new item to be posted, just to have a chance to buy it. Because the deals were that good. Now Woot is profit driven. Its disappointing. Haven’t seen a good deal in a long time.

That’s the OBD scanner. The one here on woot is the OBD II scanner. Different model.

I purchased one of these and it does not work with any of my android phones or either of the two cars that I tried it on. I purchased this because I have one from a different company that works great. I am disappointed that this product will have been a waste of money.

In case anyone sees this and wants the link to the one that works. here