Bluetooth Shall Set You Wire-Free

the Motorola 89421N HX520 Oasis Bluetooth Headset is on Amazon for 13 cents more (including S&H) and would arrive at my door faster… I’m gonna label this a swing and a miss … but of course, $5 all you can ship makes this a zero sum endeavor if you buy more than one item in a day… #IexpecteMoreFromYouWoot

Anyone know if this Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is compatible with Kindle Fire HD?

almost certainly yes, if it is also bluetooth compatible with android 2.3 and higher, which the spec sheet seems to say. I don’t own either, so I can’t say that I know from experience.

Regarding the Grandmax SPKR-M3BT Tweakers Microbeat Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth Technology turns out Amazon has the identical item for $23 and eligible for prime (or free shipping if you add another $2.04 item to your cart). Pretty disappointing.

The Affinity SBX400 is $30 free shipping on… Sorry Woot not a deal.
[edit] meh. sold out. Still not a deal at $40 + tax + $5 shipping tho.

I don’t have the Kindle, but I do have the keyboard… It has connected just fine to a gTablet, Xperia S tablet, Sager Laptop, IBM desktop and an HP210 PocketPC. I’d bet it would work with the Kindle.


mY ANDROID PHONE…oops, caps-sorry unlocked. I’d love this for tired nights (every night) for my android phone-

as you may have guessed, there is no disc drive for the CD with info on it to whiiiirrrrrrrr slip into phone.

What to do!? Mockery is understandable, maybe /HL to indicate ending hearty laughter.

Ciao! Gracias!

I wonder if this will work for my Note 2.

I used Blackberry’s and the Samsung Blackjack for years because it could allow me to text while drive without looking down at my phone since I remembered where all the physical keys were.

I bought the Samsung Note 2 about 3 weeks ago and I love it but unfortunately since it’s a touchscreen it’s not worth trying to text and drive with it.

I assume you just sync it via bluetooth like you would any other bluetooth device?

Oh. Well that would be great, huh?

I guess something in my head got stuck on a notion that there was a CD install of a program.

But typing that out & seeing it- my assumptions were pretty ummmm, 1997?

Well, GFedrr- my gratitudes and appreciations for your brain, as well as it’s personality framework 'n such,

Much Sinceritii, Dr. Knfmth

Didn’t work for me. Mine says “paired but not connected” and the phone doesn’t recognize any keypresses. Any other ideas?

Well the picture of hte CD says its drivers for Windows Mobile and Nokia OS users.

It should work like any other regular bluetooth device but maybe contact the company first?

Does anyone have any direct feedback on the Affinity Soundbox? The reviews seem hard to come by out there. It seems “deal” sites are awash in these devices so I suspicious they are not that good.

Anyone know how to get Windows 7 to see the Grandmax BT speaker as an actual speaker? It registers as a BT headset, but can’t do anything with it. Cannot get it to play any sounds :frowning:

I bought the Soundlogic iTower Bluetooth Speaker one of the last times it was offered. I intended to use it outside on my deck. The problem is that it will only pair with the two “New” IPads we own. We can’t get anything else to recognize it. Those devices being my iphone 5, my daughter’s iPhone 4S, my husband’s Galaxy 3s and my old iPod touch 4th Gen (I think - it has front and rear facing cameras.)

Because I wanted to use my iPad outside and didn’t want to drain the battery too quickly, I used the old iPod Touch with the provided cables. The problem with that is that I just recently decided to sell that to a neighbor’s daughter and it’s a good thing too because for some reason it wouldn’t work with Pandora for some reason.

So, is there a Soundlogic app at will make this tower work with all those other devices? (I have a portable JBL unit that requires a setup through an app any time the unit gets unplugged.). I’m really disappointed in this tower. It basically has decent sound for my purpose considering I just want it for close range listening at a medium to quiet volume. My neighbors are too close for me to really blare it too loud. I just want the darned thing to work with Bluetooth so I can control it from a distance.

ThunderThighs, are you listening?

@quelynwoot: Sorry you’re having problems. Did you contact SoundLogic for help with pairing? It has a 60-day SoundLogic warranty. They would be the ones to ask about dedicated software as well.