Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android & iOS

Anyone care to mention which functions actually work with iOS 10?

Does the watch have a vibrate setting, that indicates call or text messages?

as cheap as $15.99 on eBay.

Looks like a total crapshoot. Some people get a working watch that does well with some significant hurdles to getting there and a lot of people end up with a non-functioning watch or just a bad battery.

Manual shows setup for Android, not for iOS. Is it guaranteed to work correctly with iOS, and if so, which version?

From the vendor:

  1. It pairs seamlessly with iPhone (iOS) - we tested it on the IOS 10.0. Yes, it is guaranteed to work on iOS. Call history and contacts are available on the watch once paired.

Sorry for the late response. From the vendor:

The watch does not vibrate when a message is received, texts when received on the iPhone will only relay on to the watch when the application is installed on the phone. Calls can be answered on the watch regardless of whether the application is installed on the phone, it just needs to be paired via Bluetooth. Ringtone indicates the incoming calls.

Here’s the application QR code that links to the app store where the application may be downloaded.

Watch arrived. No compass no twitter no facebook. Does have FM radio?
Contacted customer service. No replacement available. Its still for sale on Woot??? Why are they selling items that don’t match description and specs???

It sounds like your product was defective. Did our Customer Service department offer you a refund?

They did and I will be returning for refund.
Question is still the same, why is Woot selling an item that doesn’t match description or specs?
If the same item is still for sell and is as described why not send a replacement?

When working correctly, the product does match the description.

Your second question has a more complicated answer. Essentially, our vendors do not all have systems that can accommodate exchanges, and it would take too long for our internal refund/exchange process to manage their system variables. We opt for speedy refunds for our customers as opposed to a slow and complicated and replacement process. One day we’ll be able to do both, but that is still in the development process.

The ear buds connect to the usb but the pair sent with the watch are poor quality. Is there an adapter that goes from the plain old standard ear bud connector to usb so I can use my own higher quality ear buds ?


So, when working correctly per description it would have Twitter,facebook compass. Not working correctly it has FM radio??? You cant be serious. Your vendor did not ship the described item.
Will return Item and close my Woot account. Can get garbage and poor excuses from ebay.
As a long time customer I expected more from Woot.

Utter garbage, and only $20 and change at Amazon. You’d get a better watch from the grabber machine at a highway rest stop or from a gumball machine in a dilapidated mall.

Glad I read these comments but unfortunately waiting on the item to ship anyway. If I receive a defective item best believe Im going Terminator style on my account & I’ll be back…to comment then delete Woot altogether!

Of course it’s not my Samsung but for $30 I didn’t expect that. There is a problem with the screen on mine and I’m waiting to hear for customer service to contact me. By other comments I’m just going to have to take a refund and that is OK. Found them on Amazon for less.

Recieved in October. the screen looks like it has a plastic cover on it. not glued and fitted properly. waited to see if would correct on its own as window tint does, but No!