Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Woot I love you guys and have bought from you for years but you have to stop selling this watch.

Thanks for taking the time to mention! /\

Why does it say this watch is $99.99 but online its only $19.99?

List prices are manufacturer’s dreams.

Total POS and I have put in two requests to return it, WOOT has not replied to either request.


Hi there. I’m sorry for the experience.

However, I do see that our CS dept has responded to both of your emails. Make sure you look in spam/junk folders for the response. The response will go to the email address on your woot account.

Just received this watch this morning. The screen isn’t calibrated correctly, touch one place and something else changes, just setting the time is a trial. What app? The QR code takes me to a google bookeeping app and I need a magnifying glass to read the included instructions.

$12.99 free shipping… Google search

Thank you!