Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Bought last week. Charge lasts less than 8 hours, and is missing many of the functions in the owners manual. I get notifications there are messages but cannot read them on the watch. The only health monitors are manual timers for sleep and walking but no sensor awareness to know you are really asleep or active. With shipping cost twice what they said the cost at Walmart is.

I purchased this watch to use only as a watch, I probably won’t use very many of the SmartWatch functions if any. Mostly because I all ready get nagged by my phone enough I don’t need another nagging device. I absolutely :wink: love the instruction manual that came in the box. The text was so large I was able to read the manual from at least 300 feet away :upside_down_face: Here is a link to the online manual, and it is absotively posilutely clear, concise and easy to understand. Have a wonderful day :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not here to do your job for you… I’m here for deals but it has becoming apparent that your corporation doesn’t provide them anymore

He was asking for a link so that he can properly investigate. I’m not sure what more you want him to do.

Prices go up and down on sites all the time, so if it is the same model then the price could have changed after Woot’s offer went live. I’m not sure I understand the need to be rude just because the price of a cheap watch is slightly different on another site.

Because this happens all the time. I don’t remember asking your opinion.

How about my opinion?

Although, after hearing my opinion, I suggest you ask for a refund. But that’s just my opinion.

Does someone need some

If woot isn’t pre-checking their prices to make sure they’re the best anymore, maybe the woot devs can add a price check widget to all sales that dynamically checks throughout the day. A simple graphic that represents whether a simple google shopping search finds it cheaper elsewhere at that given moment.