Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Do we have any idea what the water resistance of this watch is?

You’re probably thinking “Hey, it’s only $15, even if it turns out to be junk it’s worth a chance.” I’ll save you some effort - this IS junk. Won’t hold a charge, and when it goes dead you’ll have fun resetting the time and date. Every time.


Thanks so much!

This watch is not water resistant. TY

So Woot Staff…is this watch having problems reported it has problems taking and or holding a charge as thebarrister stated ? When I tried googling it I did not find an exact match but ‘’ Style Asia GM8588 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera Sync to Android’’ did bring up watches under that heading that said most of the batteries were having problems taking a charge and or holding a charge. ???

two links to watches that seem to be this same watch just using different brand name ?

I haven’t heard many reports from Woot customers. We monitor contacts on the products we sell. CS will raise a flag if contacts get too high.

And as always, if you’re unhappy with your purchase, make sure you reach out to Woot Customer Service.

Received the watch today. Very light weight. Not water resistant very hard to set time and date on it. Cannot connect to internet without sim card it will not read sd cards easily either. Once you get it figured out it is a very cheap alternative to a fancy smart watch.


Purchased this watch, knowingly with “you get what you pay for " philosophy. The major problem is I cannot continue and download the App required to connect my phone to the watch because it warns me " if you continue to this site, damage to your phone will result!” WoW! I have a new S10. Any suggestions people before I return it?

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Remove it before washing hands.

Found a link to the owners manual:

It looks like it was originally written in Chinese, and they used Google to translate it into English.

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I bought this the last time it was available 3 weeks ago. I slapped a U.S. Mobile 2g sim card into it, paired it to my BT headphones, and it works as a standalone phone if I forget my brick one or don’t have a pocket to keep it in. Got a different brand of the same watch for my daughter’s first phone, and hers works just as well.
You’re paying $15 for a crappy camera, audio recorder, calculator, music player, camera remote for your phone, standalone cellular telephone, and message delivery device from your phone to your wrist. The battery can be replaced. It charges off any micro-USB cable. No water resistance. Fairly smooth OS and touch operation.
Know what you are getting, and that you can’t compare it to an Apple or Samsung(though being a standalone phone is a point that beats them), and your expectations should be properly tempered.

Just know, if you want to use it as a phone itself, you MUST use a 2G network SIM, and they are becoming harder to find. I went with U.S. Mobile and their $14/month unlimited talk and text plan for both me and my daughter. I could not get the data to work, even with the added data plan, so I dropped that.

For a bit more research, check YouTube for “DZ09 smartwatch”, since that’s exactly what these are under a different brand.

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Not sure why I bought this but it was just as I expected…useless. The only thing I was surprised at was the phone quality. I was told the sound quality of the internal mic was pretty good. The sound from the watch was ok.

Gonna give it a try. Mainly bought it to see texts and emails at work without pulling out my phone. Can anybody tell me how to insert the sd card?

With the watch powered off, pop off the back cover by finding the corner with a little notch cut out. The whole thing snaps off and on. Pop that off and pull out the battery. You will see a flat slot small enough to slip a micro-SD car into, contacts down. There is no locking mechanism for the SD card, just friction fit. Put the battery back in, line up the back panel speaker holes with the watch speaker, and press it along all sides until it’s flush.

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It randomly sends messages to Chinese IPs LOL :joy:
Oh, and it can bypass your PIN and siphon data :mag:


The app is really bad, and all it does is give you an advertisement for their “pro” app for which they charge you a monthly fee. My suggestion would be to not to try connecting it to your phone and buy a “smartwatch SIM” from Amazon, they have one for a $5.00 monthly fee.

Don’t forget the side loaded app that isn’t validated by any app store, but is probably totally legit from that random Chinese website.