Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

These POS have been here on Woot for ages. They time out the product then put it back up later to clear the bad reviews. Don’t fall for it. I’ve bought one and many of my fellow Wooters have bought them. They always seem to fail, in both quality or expectations. Please read all the comments from the previous postings of this product. Let yourself be warned, and if after reading all the comments you still feel like this is something you’d “enjoy” having go ahead and buy it. But you have been warned.

What was your experience with it? I need a watch for my gf that tells time and does pedometer without needing phone connectivity. We don’t have cellphones, so as long as this will work without one… What specifically did you not like or did not work?

It will only pedometer if you tap the button to do it. It will stop after a random period of time or if something interrupts the watch’s actions, eg: a notification being shown on the watch will stop it.
Your gf will probably not appreciate it purely for the size. I’m a 6ft man around 200lb and it’s big and clunky on my wrist.

Like I said in my post above just read the other posts for this exact same product and make your decision from that.

Here is a link to the forums search results for this product.

I would recommend a watch like this first:

(It’s not available yet)

These FitBit HR like bands/watches are all similar. Most of them don’t need a smartphone. There are at least 3 different types of these I found after a short search of amazon.

One last note and I’ll shut up. Apparently it creates a back door connection for China… so yeah.

As far as i’m concerned it’s negligent of Amazon to even sell this product.

I appreciate all your advice. I’ll keep an eye on that Wyze watch for sure. The back door connection… that’s on this watch (the one one Woot)? Yeah… I don’t own cellphones or any IoT devices because I have no desire to be tracked. I damn sure don’t want a watch tracking me. Thank you for that!

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