Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Hi. Can this be used stand alone since it has a sim card slot?

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If it can be used as a stand alone phone device as the picture insinuates, will it work with Verizon network? Thanks in advance

It connects to your phone via bluetooth. It’s not a phone by itself.

I bought one. My first ever Woot purchase. Was really excited about it until the day it arrived. I eagerly charged the battery for 2 hours per the instructions and all I got was disappointment. it doesn’t power up even a little bit. Woot did refund my money though right away and sent me an email letting me know that I didn’t need to send it back. awesome customer service. I think I will try it again. seems like the odds of me getting a good one may be better now. surely they’re not all junk.

You might charge it a bit longer the first time. Batteries are often shipped completely drained for safety reasons.

I’m happy Woot CS took care of you though.