Bluetooth Speakers

Based on photos alone, the iNami ones are clearly the best.

Edit: in the video she says “button” like “but-in” not “buh-ton”. Cute.

shower… = music to my ear (literally)!

tempted to indulge myself with the shower speaker to cover my manly musical shower voice.

I bought 2 of these and they are AWESOME. I am about to buy 1 more. The clarity of the Pyle bluetooth headphones are ridiculous. Even the the incoming calls are awesome. You can also use it with Pandora to forward to a new song!. Thank you Woot!!!

Customer Servcie are the PYLE PBS2SL Bluetooth Mini Speaker still available? I still see them but I ordered and you never shipped and said you were out of stock out of stock!

They’re still available! Get one quick! When did you order, out of curiosity? It’s possible they were out (or the vendor was), but now they have more in stock.

Amazon has the “Pyle PLBSKBT55BK Pedal Sound 3-in-1 Waterproof Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker, with Built-in Mic for Call Answering, Power Bank & Flashlight” for the same price with shipping?
How would this be a deal?

Pyle PWMAB210BK 300 Watt Bluetooth Boom Rock Portable PA 6.5" Speaker

Can you use an ipod touch with this unit.

If you’re already buying other stuff on woot, it’s $5 shipping per cart-full. Therefore, you’d spread the $5 shipping across all items in the cart. Even if you only have 1 other item in the cart, the speaker is 34.99 + 2.50 shipping = cheaper than amazon price.

Does have any reviews on how splash proof / water proof these are? I’d love to attach this to my stand up paddleboard but sometimes it gets more than just splashed…

Shipping from New York.
Get a rope.

Amazon take over is complete, they no longer ship exclusively from Texas. :frowning: