Bluetooth Speakers

I bought the Uniden MOOV626 Bluetooth speaker in Feb. Connects just fine and sound quality is great with very strong bass (more than I like frankly, but then again, I’m kind of an old geezer). But there is serious design flaw: it announces its connection status AT FULL VOLUME, rendering it useless in an office environment and merely annoying in every other circumstance. Great sound but cannot recommend.

I bought the exact same Palo Alto unit in November from meh for $90 well worth it for $90 but $149? C’mon Woot you used to be a good deal now…not so much.

Just to add a little more. I love the sound of the Rohmbus perfect size and loudness for a bedroom and it even acts as an alarm clock. The only downside is that the time read out is a little too bright for my taste when I am sleeping.

What’s the weight of a single speaker as part of the TDK A20 TREK Micro Rugged & Weatherized Bluetooth Portable Mini Wireless Outdoor Speaker with TWS (non-NFC model) Twin Pack

Found the user manual. It says .4 lbs.