Bluetooth Splash-Proof Speaker

A long long time ago, I got one of these in a BOC from woot. I currently use it in my shower. The sound quality is decent enough. Good, not great. The bluetooth cuts out once in a while, for a second or two, but that could just be a streaming issue and not a speaker issue. Wouldn’t be enough of a deal breaker for me anyways.

I also got one about a year ago. It’s okay, not great. The sound quality is fine, but it doesn’t get very loud and the range from my iPhone is very limited. I would say that once my phone gets > 12-15’ it starts to cut out.

If you at the pool and leave the phone next to it, it should be fine.

Got one of these 2~3 years ago. As a general purpose speaker they’re meh. As a desktop speaker (bluetooth dongle on the computer) they work quite well. Battery life is pretty good. Probably would bring this on my long hikes as a music/sound source if it weren’t so heavy.

Bought one of these a while back (~2 years?) and it’s been a pretty decent speaker. No, it’s not a Bose so don’t expect that quality but it does sound good (not great)and sound output is nice and more than loud enough for working in the garage or sitting around outside around the fire pit at night. It’s not for large parties if you’re wanting to blast the sounds.

Does anyone know the model numbers of both of these Pyle speakers?

I have one and at this price I would look elsewhere. Was just looking at rugged bluetooth speakers on the mother ship the other day. Better options can be had around the same price.

Sound is decent. Not very loud. On the beach it’s hard to hear over the waves and wind. Also the range is just absolutely terrible. As in like anything outside of right next to it terrible. Seriously, anything over probably 3 feet is starting to cut out.

I have had this speaker for 2 years now, and all i can say is that it works. But for my money I would not make the same purchase again. I prefer the Anker Sound Core series more. Better sound, more volume, simmilar battery life.

I have two of these now, one of each model. I use them to listen to books on tape in the car, and they are terrific for that. Very long battery life, good volume and sound quality. An excellent buy for the money.

Bought one last round. Very heavy, takes 3 seconds to turn on (with your hand on the button-- seriously?) and sound is only ok. Not very loud. You have better options at retail prices.