Bluetooth Stuff

I’ve been researching a bluetooth receiver for my car that would auto-connect when it powered on for awhile…it was between the Mini-jack RX and the Kinivo BTC450 (at

Of course, both would go on sale at the same time… You can get the BTC450 for $25 with the coupon BBBBBBTC. Both the Mini-jack RX and the BTC450 seem to be really great deals right now, and are both highly rated, so I’d look at the features and figure out which one works better for you.

Hey, thanks. Just pulled the trigger on the BTC450. I didn’t know this was something I could buy for less than $100.

-Much appreciated.

I wanted to buy a product that lets me turn my headphones or speakers into bluetooth speakers without having to use a computer or phone to pair it with. I wan’t to know if this product automatically pairs with whatever device is on pair mode or do you still have to put in the 0000 codes to pair headphones with this?