Bluetooth Wireless Music Reciever

**Item: **Bluetooth Wireless Music Reciever
Price: $15.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Grrrrrr…I am determined…I /will/ get a bag of chips at some point >:D

Sooo close. actually hit the place the order button before being denied…

Seven sold out BOC’s in my cart GAHHHH!

Does anyone get the good deal? I’m too slow!

More expensive than amazon? Thats anomalous.

Just to make things more interesting for the next few hours… if you’re trying for BoC, don’t forget to also refresh the Community Woots page. If your browser is hanging-up trying to get the main site to refresh, the Woots list may update quicker.

It is possible that your can bounce from the discussion page to the direct-link page and snag the b-o-c link before loads. …just sayin.

Absolutely impossible on a tablet… someday everyone will be mobile friendly.

I have a lot more than that. :frowning:

At least I’m getting to the point where I’m whiffing on the “place your order” button before the dreaded slash appears. Haven’t made it to the AoD yet though…

Receiver spelled wrong …

Cheaper on amazon.

Cheaper at Yugster:

Edit: this includes shipping

Is this compatible with the Black & Decker 7.2v Cordless Drill on Tools.Woot?


oh, thanks! that must be how you got your bag.