Anyone have any experience with the Pyle bluetooth shower speakers? They seem too good to be true, especially at that price.


All of these Miccus products are cheaper at the mothership. Not sure how any of these are deals. Been looking to buy several Miccus products but not at these prices


I just came here to agree… I was curious about the reviews on the floating waterproof miccus… it seems to be good, but I can get it Prime for $20 less, plus free 2day Shipping. Which seems like a decent deal for an Xmas gift. This should take you right to the deal/reviews Miccus eXtreme SPX7: Waterproof, Floating, Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker System (Blue/Gray) by Miccus


Anyone having horrible battery performance. Haven’t been able to get more then an hour of listening time despite a full charge.