Blunt of Chong 652239

Blunt of Chong 652239



After trying for eons. Got it finally

Glad I won one in the app suckers!

Ah Yess the evil VOP

I was refreshing the app and clicked it the second it came up… and VOP.

Competition is fierce out there today.

Got one! Now I can actually be productive today… maybe.

Someone’s having a little too much fun with the acronyms :sweat_smile:

Thankfully it sold out quickly.

Well, that is a no for me

I logged in just in time to snag one of these, then discovered my last one was less than 31 days ago. Disappointment achieved, Woot!

Still in the VOP…

VOP got me again :frowning:

Got the VOP, and it quit…

Me too. And I missed out on the lightning cable, which I really wanted. So much disappointment.

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Odd. VOP right away then after several minutes it proceeded to the buy page. The button was still available but the page wouldn’t advance after clicking. Tried multiple time and the page would refresh and keep doing that same thing. Then, it went to the VOP again.
That’s a lot of work on woot’s side to say “no”! :joy:

Dang it, I got get some breakfast and I miss it!


Ooooh, a lot more people awake now!

Red = People in VOP
Blue = orders going through

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I just gave up on the vop…