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I just got an old school (1990) GT Pro Performer the other day… perhaps its 23 yrs old, but its sweet!

Consider getting an old school BMX off of craigslist before coppin’ one of these new school bikes.

I currently have an aluminum GT Pro Series as well as an MCS Pro Cruiser. In the past I’ve had a Schwinn Sting, Schwinn Competition, Free Agent Pro Cruiser and even an aluminum Race Inc (early PK Ripper knock-off). Thus, I’ve ridden BMX bikes from the past three decades. Here are my thoughts of old school versus new.

“Cool” factor
Often lighter in weight
IMO looks better (chrome or solids)
More hardcore brands were made in the USA (at least F/F, sometimes other components too)
Brakes suck
Older you go, shorter the frames are which is bad for tall guys
Good examples can be expensive
Not good examples will need a lot of TLC

Much cheaper for what used to be higher end parts
Much more stiff
Brakes much, much better
Ahead-set style headsets/stems much, much better than old style
Everything made overseas
Sometimes strange cost cutting (Hi-Ten handlebars with ChroMo F/F?)
“Brands” just a badge belonging to some corporation
Some strange paint jobs

I have no problem with a new bike for most uses, but old school can be nice for just cruising around.

Given your obvious experience with this bike, the brand etc - would you recommend for an 11 year old just getting into the sport?

What part of the “sport” is he/she getting into? Bikes are designed for various aspects and while there is limited cross compatibility, you really should choose for what it will be used for.

For instance the Session models are for dirt track and jumping, while the Venom, Barrage and Whip are for freestyle and flatland.

None of these models are for racing, though the Session Pro might be close enough.

Also, bikes are made in various frame sizes. The 20 referenced is for the wheel size. There are also handlebar height/width and crank arm length. This is pretty important for proper sizing.

Now, if this is just for riding around, then you probably can’t go wrong with any of these. I looked up pricing for the Session Pro and looks as if it really does run around $350 (the “list price”). Based on the color scheme this is the 2012 year model, which is probably why it is so cheap. I was looking up the Session Pro 20 in particular because that would be the only one of interest to me. Diamondback doesn’t publish the weight, but I would expect it to be around 30 pounds, which is normal for a trail/jump BMX bike. I personally would rather have a lighter race model (typically 25 pounds for a similar size).

Thanks - he will most likely ride around so it sounds perfect. We purchased late yesterday with $$ he earned so now he is eagerly awaiting delivery. Thanks for the feedback.

I just noticed that the Venom model is on sale for far less than what I paid back in April.
Is there anyway to get a price match.

i suspect not. while we sometimes refund for such situations, it’s usually if the offer occurs within a month or so of the previous sale.

however, as a moderator, i’m not the last word on this. so feel free to email our customer service team at to see if that’s something they can do.