BOA Portable Remote Security System





baahahaha, directed bombed on these crappers


100 on froogle but no need for this in the desert


Security system? It looks like a spaceship. Froogle Link


It’s a space ship!!


IF i understand the description. This is worth a Woot!


Comes with a toy rocket ship?


Wow! Woot sure gives this product a strong endorsment!


bwahahah, at $29.99, this is a steal


The description was really funny.



is it any good?


hahah, funny one woot!


what the hell is this thing


WTF is it good for if you can just unplug it from the ciggy lighter?


I need one of these! I need one. Wait a minute. What would I do with it? I wonder if it will work on my bicycle. I could hook it up to the little friction thingy that runs my light. Hmmm.


Agreed, repost the pig, I am sad I missed it. I am in envy of those who got one. Description was pretty good for this one.


Why does it come with a USB cable?


Do I need this item for my FERRARI?


Is this compatible with my De Lorean? :stuck_out_tongue: