BOA Portable Remote Security System


Eh, too bad my car isn’t worth $14.99


Take a look at what’s going to end up in your Basket Of Cookies…




not a c-r-a-p of bag!


We wantz de shirtz…


What sort of loser uses a car alarm these days? Wooters aren’t that stoopid, are they?


Thanks for nothing.


Sweeet! I always wanted to stay up at night for no good reason!

“you can stop staying up all night worrying about your car getting stolen, and start staying up all night because your car alarm keeps waking you up.”


go to the blog and you see the seiko watch that was suppose to come on now. you people are very confused to say the least


We need a picture of a cat on a desk “I’m in your office stealing your shirtz!”



big time


maybe there will be a line for this too … like the BOC that they sold … oh no they wouldnt do that now would they … you know what … i have absolutely HAD it with the BS every time there is this lame woot off - sorry woot but you have disappointed big time - i clicked on it the second it came up hit i want three instantly and it started processing said congrats you are in line? WTF is that BS? huh? right its you people just being retarded and trying to draw more people into your stupid marketing ploys … just shove it …


Do I care if it works - or how it works? If my insurance company considers this an alarm system - I’ve returned my investment 5 fold already.


ghost watch showed up again.


This is Bank of America’s security system?


Wow… thats a first, i’ve seen… woot changed the word k.i.l.l.e.r to “I haven’t bathed in days”


More than you can imagine…


Craptastic. My brother had one of these and the damn thing went off every time someone walked by the car. Suck!!!


We are all Crapaholics