Boba Lives!

Amazing design! So impressed.

I LOVE this design and everything about it. But I just bought that Ninja Turtle shirt the other day! Ya’ll are killing me!

Patton Oswalt’s pitch for the next Star Wars movie begins…

Disagree! Boba Fett was a glorified delivery boy! He didn’t even catch Han! He never did anything impressive throughout any of the original movies and I can’t see any reason he would miraculously survive. He got accidentally knocked into a sarlacc pit by a half-blind Han Solo. There is nothing impressive about him.

I thought this was a Georgia O’Keeffe shirt at first…

You just ruined all my hopes and dreams…

First shirt I’ve done 1-day shipping on in hopes that I get it by Saturday for San Diego Comic Con!

I don’t think that’s a strike against Boba. I think that’s just a point for Han. Boba Fett is this ominous, unrelenting bounty hunter that Han Solo cleverly avoids. Boba Fett is the only one who caught on to Solo hiding in the released garbage and only lost him in a treacherous pursuit. Yes, he ultimately got gunned down by a blind shot, but again, that’s supposed to be part of Solo’s natural charm. I mean, if someone happened to blindly fire a laser at you and it hit, would you consider yourself to be any lesser?

I feel like I’ve heard this argument before. On Youtube. And then the next part goes that Vader would only have hired the best bounty hunters to do the job and Boba Fett was the only one he spoke to directly (“no disintegrations”) suggesting that he had distinguished himself in the past. He did track Han to Cloud City.

In one of the many Star Wars novels Boba Fett actually does escape from the sarlacc and he more or less does it in a way that is illustrated by this shirt.

Does this resemble the female reproductive system to anyone else?

Brilliant use of the helmet layout. Even though EU isn’t canon anymore, surely this has got to become official. (he was wearing a frickin’ jetpack for goodness sakes!)

Neat design!

Also, according to a guy who knows the guy who used to own Star Wars: Boba Fett lives.

If he was a Southern redneck, he’d be Bubba Fat!

Yes. Not that there’s anything wrong with the female reproductive system, but I don’t like this design at all.


Yes! First thought viewing on my phone was “Is that a uterus?!” Like those panties, but not quite the right colors & on a t-shirt.

Excellent design, but it completely effaces Dengar’s role in Fett’s escape from the sarlacc pit.

Only a free copy of this shirt will quell my nerd rage, Woot! [quietly rages on]

I thought it was Christ the Redeemer in the thumbnail.