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Bobble Filtered Water Bottle 2 Pack w/ 2 Extra Replacement Filters [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Bobble 18.5oz Filtered Water Bottles (Colors Chosen Randomly), 2 * Replacement Filters: (1) Blue and (1) Black

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Product Website

Where do i get replacement filters???

Water Bobble Web Site

Say Water Bobble 5 times fast!

This is one of those products that answers a question nobody has.

Is this really necessary to have clean water? Isn’t tap water good enough?

15 dollars for some water bottles? no thanks l’ll pass, and go get a gallon of water from walmart for 67 cents

About how many uses do you get from the filter before you have to replace it?

Can I safely drink water from streams and creeks with this?

What happens if you filter filtered water through it? do you get some kind of feedback loop?

YouTube video

funnier: video

For best results, change filter after 2 months or 40 gallons/150 liters (roughly 300 full refills). Filter for use with Bobble only.

Here is a real Geek Review

AWESOME addition to any camping pack! As long as they work as they are claimed, I’m in for 2 (packs)

I have become a big fan of using my own refillable water bottles but these don’t look that great to me. How long does the filter last and is the plastic safe for hot temperatures? I will stick with my Klean Kanteen from Amazon. :slight_smile:

I think woot needs to un-clean the clean word for this thread…

also, set of 2 of these goes for 20 at amazon, so basically you lose money here, considering you pay tax.

That is, however, if you combine your amazon order with something larger. But you will probably still get it much faster than smart post.

The filter software is having a field day…So these only make potable water drinkable?

Here it is at Amazon, with reviews.

site says filter change after 300 bottles or 2 months