Bobble Filtered Water Bottle 2 Pack w/ 2 Extra Replacement Filters

filtered how??? refresh…nooooooooooo

what kind of filter is in this? and how is it drinking from it.? anyone?

It’s actually amazing - I already have one, and they filter as you drink. It’s awesome. I can definitely tell a difference, because Fort Worth water is nasty, but when I put it in the Bobble it tastes fresh and clean. Pretty awesome. Recommend it to anyone and everyone!

I’m frustrated though because I tried to buy one, pressed I want one! About 20 times, and it just refreshed the page each time. Never took me to checkout or anything. What gives? This has happened about 5 times during this wootoff.

I have heard good things about them. It looks like there was only 1 of them to be had however.

See my post above - it’s really easy to drink from; you just have to squeeze the bottle a bit, but it comes out like a normal water bottle. It filters as you drink it. My only complaint is that when I finish my drink, sometimes the cap whistles until the bottle has pushed all the air back out. I just recap it and that usually solves the problem.