bObsweep Junior Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

There’s no way this cleaner wasnt originally named b00bsweep right…

Has anyone used one of these before? Honestly I have never heard if this brand before.

From a bit of research it looks like it does good job at cleaning but it gets stuck a lot and rarely makes it back to it’s charging station.

To be fair my 800 series Roomba has these issues as well and it cost significantly more.

At this price point I’d be more worried about damaging furniture or battery problems while unattended.

Honestly? Sometimes you lie?

I bought one of the ‘pet’ versions and the reviews you found are spot on. It cleans well, but it likes to get stuck and it doesn’t get back to the station most of the time. I put short risers on my coffee table so it could fit under them, as it’s quite tall. It will suck up any cables or blankets on the floor, but if the floor is mostly free of junk, it will do a good job of working around furniture eventually and get the place picked up.

I have a dog who sheds a lot, and so this saves me from having a stinky, doggy living room all week until I vacuum “properly”.

If you’re OK with going to find which throw rug poor Bob is stuck on today, it’s not a bad little robot vacuum.

I bought one of these from Woot a few months ago. Sorry I did. It’s not a bad vacuum per say, as it does pick up dirt and pet hair very well. But it’s ability to navigate is terrible. It rarely is able to make it back to it’s base. And, it’s so tall that it doesn’t fit under my counter edges. I went back to a Neato robot vacuum, much better at moving around and has the magnetic barriers, the bObsweep does not have barriers to keep it out of the rooms you don’t want swept on a schedule. The bObsweep doesn’t have scheduling either…

If you need basic good sweeper in a simple area (with doors) this is a good buy. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

That’s been our experience. It cleans well but gets stuck a lot. My 10 year old Roomba rarely got stuck.

I got one on Woot a few months ago, I’m glad I did. It does get stuck on throw rugs now and then, but that’s the only negative experience I’ve had. Mine has no problem getting back to the charger and I use it 2-3 times a week.

What about the assertion that it won’t throw itself down the stairs? Is it good about that?

As long as they’re brought up in a good home and not abused or neglected-wait what are we talking about?


Really no scheduling? So you have to manually turn it on and tell it to start vacuuming?

Thanks for all of the responses everyone I think I will hold off on on this one. Doesn’t sound automated enough for what I want.

I don’t know anything about this vacuum, but reading this comment string kinda made my day :rofl:

Well, if it doesn’t sync with my Nest system or take orders from Alexa, what’s the point? I’ll have to do all the training. No one’s got time for that.

I love the Bobsweep Pet, does an awesome job. I am very impressed with the product and highly recommend folks watching you tube to see the bob sweep in action.

Why don’t manufacturers ever post the cat riding capacity of these machines?!

I 2nd that. After burning through 2 Neatos and a Scooba in the past 8 years, you are right they ALL have issues. My current fleet of vac’s, Samsung V9000 series, XV11 and Neato 80 will make one run, no problems (I did retire a XV21 (RSP errors and Right Wheel insisted it was stuck so it’s my spar parts device). But seems every other run, when I used the Samsung on the 1st floor, I was having to hunt it down. Once it felt it would do me a favor and do my stairs, which it rolled down 6 steps before it landed on the mid-landing. If not for that, I’m sure it would have exploded once it rolled down the other 15 just like in those car over the cliff movies, the 11 has a moment and has an anxiety attack near a couch or speaker stand and swears something’s blocking it’s way (I try to assure it its not) and the 80 keeps loosing it’s little brush which requires a two team rescue unit to find it. It seems to loose the brush in the most darkest and od places. I have a carpeted basement, where the 11 is. 80 does the 1st floor, all hardwood/area rugs, about 1800sqft, Samsung does the 2nd floor walkway/bridge and if leave 1 of the 4 bed room doors open, including the bathrooms, it will more then happy go in and get lost (but vacuum while it’s trying to fight it’s way out). Hands down though, for suction on carpet and hardwood flooring, Samsung wins (2nd floor is all carpet w/exception of 3 bathrooms (but it beats the crap out of the little throw rugs and hates tassels). The 80 so far is the most trouble free (except for it’s magnetic attached brush).

I have 2 cats so at least once a month, I pull out the hose for the whole house system and do a once over. The robots are just for maintenance and annoyance (see above rant). If had to spend the money and choose, I’d go neato. Dont’ get me started on my Scooba. 1st one went about 3 years before the pump died out. The 2nd version I got beats the CRAP out of my furniture. It not only bumps into it, it backs up and tries two or three more times. Then, not being deterred, it turns, makes a circle, and runs full speed right back into the same spot. Keep black and brown permanent markers at the ready if you have one of these beasts. I think the navigation programmer must have had a bad experience as a child in a furniture store and is getting his/her revenge at our expense.

So, anyone buying these devices, remember, they are good for two or three times a week keeping things looking tidy. Corners and under couches, you need a hand vac for that. Also, budget for a new set of batteries every 12 months or so.

Sorry for the rant. Happy Holidays…

Probably the same reason yard vacuum manufactures don’t show how well a leaf blower can blow dry baby squirrels, or dogs.

Mwahahaha! Excellent reasoning!