bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum

bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum

Is it me, or is it much harder now to figure out how to comment on a daily WOOT item?


Why? Same discuss button.

Although we have a stupid bug that sometimes takes you to the main page. Was supposed to be fixed Friday. then yesterday. Sigh.


You are correct! I can’t seem to find the comment button. The Reply button seems to stand out, tho :neutral_face:


Definitely. Too much stuff/congestion. I cannot even FIND the “comment” button, just a reply button. And I am always being taken to a different page for some reason. Plus now to read replies you have to backtrack via the name. The old comment is not automatically posted in the reply thread anymore.

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Comments are now a “reply” and replies to comments are also replies but to other replies higher up in the reply hierarchy. What is not to understand? :woman_facepalming:t2:

Seriously considering this bObsweep vacuum since my husband and I were just talking about getting a robot vacuum last night to keep up with the kitty hair. Reviews on Amazon are largely positive with many exclaiming about the great customer service they receive from bObsweep. The price seems about right, now for more research!

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I was looking for a model number or something but from the images and information on the bobsweep site I suppose we can feel assured this is the current (2nd gen) bob pethair vacuum because the first is sans ‘Plus’. Ya never know!

Model WPP56001

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image = Comment on the thread

image = Reply to a specific post

The green “Reply” should say “Comment”. It should be on the left side of where it is now, but I would think it should be at the top of the page.

It’s this one:

Thank you escalante, I could not located that in the Woot listing for some reason!

Re: the meta discussion…

Web UX developer here. If it’s somewhat unintuitive for me, it can’t be good at all for non-nerds.

The primary reply button should be more conspicuous when a person is up the page (it’s there as an icon button near the timeline, but I just now spotted it after a week of the new UI), and/or the nested reply buttons should more clearly indicate that I’m replying to a user and a specific comment. Many posts by inexperienced users have been sent as replies to a specific user when they shouldn’t have been.

It doesn’t help that there’s no nesting or visual association of nested replies to their parent comments. It’s all flat and out of sequence.

Don’t get me wrong… lots of good stuff with the new UI. It’s just that some of the fundamentals of comment threads are obscured by whizbang.

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Is it just me, or does it seem traitorous for woot to sell bobsweeps after slinging roombas for so many years??

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I’ve had this vacuum for a year now. It has some quirks, but overall it’s a very good vacuum, handles pet hair very well. The customer support is second to none. They have a page full of videos on how to take it apart and fix things. I think that’s my favorite part. Knowing that when something breaks it’s not just a throw away or I have to take it to some far off service center. They have helpful people who will show you how to fix it, videos and all. Adds a ton of value.

this is $900 MSRP?!

Have a lab who sheds like crazy and kids who make a mess with snacks and things. My poor wife goes crazy every day sweeping and cleaning. She begs for a robot vacuum but I’m not sure if it’s the right fit for our home being on 2 levels. Would love to get this for her for xmas though as it would make her job much easier…

It’s taken some getting used to but there are ways to pull up the reply threads.

If you use reply button on someone’s comment, your reply links to it. You have to click on the person’s name in the upper right corner of your comment. So on this comment, you would click your name in the top right. That drops down your original comment that I am replying too.

EDIT: Then, if you press the up arrow on your comment, it takes you to your comment in the thread/timeline.

The nested quotes work really well for following conversations until you hit the threshold of the nested quotes.


They’re still looking for the max nested quoted replies over here.

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I read it as boob… SRY. Totally different item.