bObsweep Standard & PetHair Robot Vacuums-2 Colors

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bObsweep Standard & PetHair Robot Vacuums-2 Colors
Price: $199.99 - 229.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Dec 10 to Friday, Dec 11) + transit
Condition: New


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Reviews of the Pet Hair Model at Overstock

Lets all Meet Bob

Let’s hit the default question: How does this compare with the Roomba?

Who needs topless maids when you have this!

I bought one a few years back here is my review I left on amazon with video…


Ug. I bought this a year ago and it worked like crap. Might as well just have thrown that money out the window! Gave it to my daughter who also said it did not work on her floors. They passed it on to someone else.

Not a good review:

I was just about to buy this, too… :confused:

I never have to ask that question after getting a Neato. Then a 2nd Neato (one 1st floor, 1 basement). I do have a Scubba. My review of the scubba, I could blind fold my cat and duct tape a mop to it’s azz and get better results (not that I’ve ever done that ;-))

The best out of the bunch is going to be the Neato. This one is crap, and the Roomba is hit or miss. It is surprising that technology has come so far, yet robotic vacuums are still not that great.

It doesn’t. The bobsweep is a cheap knock-off vacuum. Go to Alibaba and see how this resembles most of the robotic vacs selling there for $50. Look at the cheaply made brush on the bottom and how it is attached to the vacuum.

The only reaction you should have to this “deal” - especially at this price is to run - very fast - in the other direction. A refurb roomba or Neato is a much better vacuum at any price.

the picture says a thousands words, thanks for the post


Plus for 20 dollars or so, you can attach a pair of fake comedy breasts to the top of each unit.

Do you happen to have a link to the $20 fake comedy breasts? For a friend, of course.

Your ferret is fearless! :slight_smile: