bObsweep Standard & PetHair Robot Vacuums-2 Colors

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bObsweep Standard & PetHair Robot Vacuums-2 Colors
Price: $199.99 - 229.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Feb 03 to Monday, Feb 08) + transit
Condition: New


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12/9/2015 - $199.99 - 229.9 - Click To See Discussion (16 comments)

Time to do a little research…

Let us know what you find! I have a australian shephard/border collie mix, and she leaves hair everywhere! Would love a robot vacuum while we are gone during the day when we cant vacuum

First sucker! Woohoo! I always wanted one of these. My Brother has a Bobsweep and he loves it. Got the red one

How do these compare to the Neeto’s?

Have been doing research on this for a half hour. This is the only unedited user video I found that shows the product working in a home. Looks pretty damn good! Got mine!
[MOD EDIT] Embedded video.

Unless they have improved their quality don’t buy it or cancel your order.

Here is my review on amazon video included of it sucking.

Here is my fun with one…

Yes, but that’s just one customer. 4 stars out of almost 400 reviews isn’t bad… just got to keep those pesky wires out to of the way. This was a funny comment from one of the reviews.

The only problem I have found that is disturbing to me is that ever since my wife got BOB, she is talking to it like it is human. I can hear her saying in the next room…‘come on Bob’, ‘Good job Bob’, …‘Bob just a minute, let me move that wire’ etc

We have the bObsweep PetHair at home for just over 6 months and we absolutely love it. It does a great job and it is amazing how much hair and dirt it picks up. We have 2 short hair dogs and bOb does a great job. I have even vacuumed with our regular vacuum first and then ran our bOb and he still manages to get a lot of hair and dirt that I seemed to miss. Of course you have to make sure you pick up all cords and things that bOb might get stuck on or get wrapped up in. You also need to use things to block bOb into the room you want him to clean but it seems to work well for us.

How well does this think work on carpet (medium pile)? What about rugs on top of carpet?

I’m worried it would get stuck on the carpet and not make it onto the rugs.

And cats will be the new robots!

As long as you understand we are still in the “Commodore 64 Era” of robotic home vacs, you won’t be disappointed. Personally, I’m waiting 5 years for the “IBM PC XT Era” before I get too excited.

This model is definitely using some ‘Commodore 64’ era technology. There are better machines out there for not a lot more. And, there are WAY better machines for WAY more. PC XT era was years ago in robot vacs. They are up to the ‘Nest thermostat era’ if you are willing to spend the cash. :wink:

They don’t. These are probably the worst robotic vac on the market. If you really want this, go to alibaba and buy the no name brand model for $60. That’s what Bobsweep does and then they charge $200

I’d second this. For $200 there are much better vacs. This is like the stripped down car with no floor mats, no air conditioning and no power windows but they want premium pricing for it. Go buy a Neato for a little more and you’ll be much happier.

Amazon reviews indicate good customer support. My Neato XV21 model completely stopped working after 1.5 years of use. The customer support is non-existent, they referred me to a single vendor (no reviews to speak of for said vendor)and offered no follow-up advice. I would strongly advise this model due to the customer service experience people have had in dealing with faulty or malfunctioning units as compared to the Neato.

bottom line: IT WORKS!

whoa came here to peruse v-day gifts and finally saw something i already own on the front page.

y’all, IT WORKS.

i’m in a 1-bedroom place with carpet, hardwood kitchen, and tile bathroom and the vac works on all the rooms even with the different surface types. if you have like really thick carpet, just take off his spinny brush and you use him as just a vacuum, which is what you want right, a vacuum? you want a vacuum, go get this dang vacuum! it’s like turning on your tv, just push a button! highly recommended for couch potatoes like me. also, impresses everyone who comes over into thinking you’re on top of your housekeeping game. (;

idk dude some cats really dig these Bob vacuums… they might not become the new robots, they might just go straight for being overlords of the robots. mew mew, pew pew > - -