bObsweep Standard & PetHair Robot Vacuums-2 Colors

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bObsweep Standard & PetHair Robot Vacuums-2 Colors
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$280 at Amazon, 4 stars, tons of reviews:

I have one of these (red) and a Roomba 880. The Bobsweep is much quieter and seems to have a more organized sweep pattern, but lacks the suction power of the Roomba.

Overall it’s not as good of a machine - but it’s a much better value because of the lower price.

I don’t have one but this review of it on Amazon (where they cost $60 more) made me LOL and nearly convinced me to buy one.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bob, the third member of the house, October 11, 2014
By August 17
My wife recently bought a Bobsweep. It seems to working pretty good except doesn’t go over a certain size threshold. And you pretty much have to move wires and thigs out of its way. If you are one to throw things on the floor, this may not be for you unless you really want to clean up your act and pick things up. It does clean well, gets under the bed and really dusts it out. That’s worth a lot to us. The only problem I have found that is disturbing to me is that ever since my wife got BOB, she is talking to it like it is human. I can hear her saying in the next room…‘come on Bob’, ‘Good job Bob’, …‘Bob just a minute, let me move that wire’ etc. On and on it goes. Its like a 3rd person moved into our house. To further complicate the issue, the company sent us a birth announcement on Bob, something like Bob Ourlastname, born October 4, 2014, 2 3/4 inches tall. Or something like that. Bob is born to us. Now I am wondering if the company offers psychological evaluations for people who own Bob and talk to him like my wife is doing now. I just have to leave the house sometimes.

Is the pethair model the “bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop”? I don’t see the MOP referenced anywhere.

Not mop.

Bob does a pretty good job, but like all of these, you do have to clean the dust bin and clean crap out of the brushes. Of course, wires and rugs with tassles are a major issue, but manageable.

The only big issue was that I have a rug with a pattern that Bob “sees” as a drop off (like stairs). The easy solution to that is some masking tape over his eyes underneath, but of course he will now run off stairs…if I had any.

As of late, Bob is losing his mind occasionally, but still does a decent job.

The other odd thing is if I haven’t run him for like a week, he completely discharges his battery and has to recharge to go do his job. Apparently that is intentional to preserve the battery function. Easily fixable by unplugging the docking station and plugging it directly into Bob…A few hours later he is back in business.

I have the Bobi model ( from BobSweep, and while it definitely keeps the floors clean, it only works well if I have it run multiple times a day. Mainly because it goes in random directions all the time. Also, it only finds it’s way back to the charging base maybe half the time. Some sort of room mapping function would REALLY help this thing work better.

Yes. It says “mopping” in the first sentence of the description of that model. Hope this helps!

I have an iLife robo and the “mop” feature is really a damp mop. Don’t expect much, it’s not going strip your floor wax, etc.

I have to say, I’ve never really had buyer’s remorse and I usually don’t post reviews or comments until I bought this thing…
The whole purpose of getting a robot vacuum was to have it vacuum during the day when I’m at work - in other words, unattended. If you have furniture in your house, or anything with a cord, you can’t leave this thing unattended.

bObsweep gets stuck in, under, and on everything. Cords are the bane of this thing’s existence - especially if you’re using the spinning edge duster.

The sensors on bObsweep don’t appear to work very well. It runs into and gets stuck under gaps (like under the couch) all the time. I know, my fault for having furniture that’s pretty much the exact height for this thing to get stuck under, but this thing tries to plow under things it can’t fit into and gets stuck.

I have an open floor plan in my house which means I basically have a 30’x40’ room that I have bObsweep cleaning. He’s really great at cleaning the corner where his charging station is and maybe a 6’x8’ area around it. Outside of that, he doesn’t get far. I feel like the sweep patterns prevent him from actually getting to other rooms.

I have to say, for the amount of money this costs, it’s really depressing and I can vacuum the house myself with my stand-up vacuum that’s half the price in 1/10th of the time it takes bObsweep to clean one corner of a large room.