bObsweep Standard & PetHair Robot Vacuums-2 Colors

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bObsweep Standard & PetHair Robot Vacuums-2 Colors
Price: $187.99 - 209.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Apr 06 to Tuesday, Apr 11) + transit
Condition: New


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Has bObsweep improved on how these operate or are they the exact same model w/o upgrades since selling it here on WOOT! last year (2016)…?

I got one of these last year (not sure if it’s the same exact model), but the only issue I have run into is it thinking my area carpet with light and dark squares is the edge of the stairs. Since I only have one floor, I just put masking tape over those sensors and it works like a charm…

Well, as long as I don’t leave leave laundry on the floor, but who’s fault is that anyway, right? :wink:

No virtual walls is a deal breaker :frowning:

Ok, per the vendor team: "Ours are the updated models. The vendor had us update the images and features/specs from the previous run. Today’s features and specs and images reflect the newest models. "

Anyone know how large of an area he can accommodate on a single charge? And how long a single charge lasts? And if he resumes where he left off if not able to complete entire floor on a single charge?
These seem like fairly important questions that should’ve been answered in the description, instead of learning twice that he will automatically return to his charger when low on power :confused:

my wife and I have an older model. It seems to do an okay job. The only issue is, the refurb we bought needs a new battery. It will run for about 5 mins, start beeping loudly and not move. We then have to carry it back to the charging pad plug it in and talk about how we need to buy another battery… eventually

If the sensors are the same design as the original floor cleaning robot ROOMBA I wouldn’t buy one. The sensors are LED lights that either fade or simply fail rendering the machine BLIND. Our ROOMBA was used sparingly and one day it just stopped and began a sequence of beeping 9 times–indicating a dead LED. I did a search and found that ROOMBA has NO repair service for this and it happens OFTEN. It also could not come close to the cleaning power of a true vacuum. Are these any different?

I bought one of these in November elsewhere (and paid more). I LOVE IT. I have a large downstairs, one level, no rugs, all tile. 3 huge shedding dogs and three kids who leave wrappers all over the place. Hasn’t broken yet and sucked up fishing line and a baby wipe and kept going. Can run well over an hour on a charge. I don’t really have anything for it to get stuck on and I haven’t tried it on carpet. I also haven’t tried to do anything fancy. I just push a button and it runs.

Per the vendor: On a single charge, Bob can last about 60-75 minutes and cover about 1100 square feet on average, but depending on the floor type and obstacles in his way the battery can last less time.