I went to a Christmas parade last year where the temperature was well below freezing and I was a popsicle. The one next week should be a bit warmer but will probably involve rain.

You can do this, LL. Be strong.


Congrats!!! (…and I hate you :slight_smile: )




Congrats, BSN! Loved seeing your name on the list of winners. Have fun with your crap!


Thank you!


The latest studies are in and the writing’s on the wall…canine crime is on the rise! The next time your best friend begins to show her dark side, be prepared with the “Octocrate!” This little beauty is totally configurable to fit in almost any space…and besides the fact she could easily escape through the top, the durable galvanized panels and double latch gate would hold even the most creative escape artists. It’s also made in China so you know it’s safe for you, your guests and your dog too! Not recommended for children…but we won’t tell.


Fate must have missed mine, twas the best :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Congratulations winners!

412: kakabooey
364: Lolaloot
357: cliffpearcy
312: mghtyred1
9: bestsportnascar
49: cristina85


Boop! :grin:


Congrats to all the winners. Including @bestsportnascar. Surprised he didn’t break woot. Or did he?


Woohoo! Thank you!!! I am so excited! I’ll be sure to post back here when it arrives to show you all the major award I’ve received!


Sooo, you’ve been talking to my husband. :joy::joy::joy:we may need the pen to sleep in when we retire to keep out the vermin once I spent the savings on Woot!


I want to be disappointed


I haven’t broken it recently.


YAY! All the winners have responded!


I want to be disappointed.


I want to be disappointed. But my write-up will say: Look at these faces! Purebred Goldens and we will throw in the fence they can be trained to jump.



Hey all. Just a reminder that this giveaway is ended. There will be another later this week.


WOOHOO! Today is the day! I’m so excited! I’m so… ready.

Pics as soon as it arrives!


My vintage crap has arrived! Woohoo! Thanks again to @ThunderThighs and everyone at Woot! for this major award! I’d also like to thank my agent, the great folks at FedEx, Mortimer & Monty, the internet… Oh, no wait! Don’t play the get off the stage music yet! Everyone wants to know what I got!

OK so you all came to see the haul, let’s get to it. I was really impressed with this BOC, some of these I was really excited about!

  • 1 “Who the heck is Woot!” flyer
  • 1 “Wrist builder” personal fitness item
  • 1 Woot! branded reusable grocery bag
  • 1 pack of screen protectors for iPod mini
  • 1 green screaming monkey (Mortimer jumped in the photo with Monte because reunited feels so good)
  • 1 Energy Efficient hat
  • 3 high bounce balls
  • 1 “Shirt Woot! mini plushie” It’s a blue dude holding a molecule like a guitar
  • 1 University of Kentucky “UK” boot tree ornament.
  • 1 Conair mini hairbrush and elastic hair bands set
  • 1 Star Wars “World’s Greatest Dad” Darth Vader & kids glass tumbler
  • 1 Wolverine brand belt (imitation leather?)
  • 1 sparkly ladies watch
  • 1 Woot! light up keychain
  • 1 Woot! branded usb mouse
  • 1 Santa holiday stocking
  • 1 iphone 6 case
  • 1 iphone 6 multipack of glass screens
  • 1 “Smart Box” multipack of reusable storage containers.

Again, thank you! I am so grateful for this award. BOC’s are always a lot of fun. Awarded BOC’s doubly so! Good luck to everyone else for next time!!! :smile: