BoC login every time?

Is it intentional that a user has to log in for the Bandolier of Carrots every time?

I was logged in and was able to purchase a non-Bandolier of Carrots item without being forced to log back in.

Roughly 10 min later a Bandolier of Carrots came up. I was vestabuled, naturally. But it came up and made me log in again. By then the Bandolier of Carrots was gone.

Or should that be a sign i missed it?

Edit: Come to think of it, i missed 3 today in this way.


Hey i thought i was the only person this happened to, but because I love my Wooter’s so much i just say better luck next time and next time comes and it does it again, maybe we’re doing something wrong.

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On the app? The app has a bit of forgetfulness on logins.

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Sorry, i am using the app.

For what its worth, i got the 5th Bandolier of Carrots i saw. The 5th went straight to pay with out the vestibule.


Yeah I’ve only had issues with that on the app. I’ve tried a couple times to get a Bandolier of Carrots in the app, but haven’t been able to do it. I always end up having to type in my password to get to the pay page, which means the Bandolier of Carrots is gone by then. And that’s after hitting my account page and the stuff I’ve bought page right before just to check.

I’ve always had good luck on a desktop. And oddly, it seems to work better for me using Firefox, at least on my Linux workstation. I have gotten them on Chrome on my MacBook.


I noticed I get signed out when jumping between the forums and buying something in the app.

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