BOC Question

I have gotten my fair share of BOCs and my roommate has taken an interest in them. I know that you can only purchase one every 31 days, but how does it work for two people at the same mailing addresses?

As long as it looks like different people, there’s no problem.


Thank you

But if it IS different people but doesn’t LOOK like it, they’ll block it.

My kids really wanted one but they don’t have their own credit card so…


Edit: even with full explanation to customer service. Stuck with a “NOPE”.

Greedy little beggars! They need to divvy out the contents of a single BOC amongst family members like everyone else.

Or grow up, get a credit card and their own PO Box.

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Yeah he’s 5. You try logic with him.

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BoC fairy got hit by a truck and won’t be coming any more?


Yeah cause 5 year olds love stories about those bringing them gifts murdered by vehicles on their way…

Emotional intelligence off the charts here in the woot forums!

Please understand the comment was intended as a joke (as most things are here on the forums), so please keep this in mind. I’m sure renatus wasn’t actually suggesting you tell your child that. Thanks.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


No thank you.

You really clarified things.

I find your moderation to be very successful at … something. Probably.

You definitely needed to insert yourself here.


You’re welcome for my successful something or other.

Please, let’s just try to keep things civil and friendly. Thank you.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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My children did read this comment from you I’m afraid (it was in my notifications, cause you addressed it to me).

Thanks for that!

I’ll not tell them what renatus said now. That’ll be easy!


emotional intelligence at woot is as impressive as ever.

Especially in the volunteer moderator position, I find.

It’s weird…


You’re very civil and friendly with your not-attacks-at-all.



Penguin Oops GIF

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Sometimes the BOC contains broken glass and knives and stuff: not for kids.

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I have received many things that weren’t appropriate for a child. There’s been a straight razor, sharp broken plastic bits, small hardware they could choke on, pasties, hot hands chemical heat packs that look delicious, etc.

There’s also toys in them.

Sharing is caring. Adult supervision is 100% a necessity with these.


When did this topic switch to unsupervised children with broken glass and knives?

Ok, you win.

I’ll get my kids to not like woot anymore.

They shouldn’t anyway but Woot’s biz model is very tempting for children.

Have fun with your pasties, @pepper114 .

I think we’ve covered just about everything here.

As stated in our terms,

Woot does sell products for children, but it sells them to adults, who can purchase with a credit card or other permitted payment method. If you are under 18, you may use the Woot Services only with involvement of a parent or guardian. Woot reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in its sole discretion.

If it looks like one person bought it, it will be canceled. I do not know the relationships, families, intentions or any other info about the orders.

You could always share or give your son your BOC.

Anyway, let’s end this discussion. TY.


As OP I would like to apologize for this thread.