BOC Question

Yeah, let’s.

Please don’t write about my private CS messages to you in a public forum, thanks.

Edit: TT you’ve now edited your comment so you aren’t mentioning my CS message.

I initially brought up that I was denied BoCs to two separate people who share an address. (Bought like 25-30 days apart, not quite 31).

I thought it was appropriate response to OPs query.

TT and the moderators, as usual, are over doing it.

They’re good at making it uncomfortable.

I get it, I’ll leave.

I didn’t. You mentioned CS first.

I believe those are also known as puzzles. :slight_smile:

Granted, Woot has purposely sold broken pottery before too.

Speaking of questions about BOCs…

Is it a Woot policy that if you order a BOC that never arrives/got lost in shipping, and customer service refunds your purchase price, you are still unable to get a BOC until 31 days after the date that you ordered the original BOC that never arrived?

That is the ultimate disappointment. And a great question! Now I’m curious….

My son just had a never/arrives/got lost BOC. An explanation to CS promptly produced a replacement BOC. I don’t think he was offered the option of a refund. However, I can’t speak for the general practice. Just this “sample of one”.

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