BoC to same address


I ordered a BoC for a relative via their Woot account. I previously got mine delivered via my Woot account to the same address (my shipping address is the relatives address for various reasons). Would that be in violation of the 31 day policy?

Depends on if it looks like it was ordered by the same person.

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Well in my case it would look like it’s ordered by the same person cos I funded both the purchases. But the purchase was made for 2 different ppl in the same address (temporarily staying at the same address :/) Anything I can do to clarify this?
My aunt said it seems to have been refunded (shows on woot order status, but not the bank account). What does that mean?

It can take a few days for refunds to settle in the bank account.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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BOCs are one per person. I have no way of knowing intentions when someone buys more than one using separate accounts. I will cancel the newest one.

One per person.

Unless that person is a dependent, the you guys are SOL.

Kids can’t get one. Parents. Grandparents.

Unless you provide different address and use another card to hide that you’re…not doing anything wrong and shouldn’t be hiding.

Welcome to Woot!

Hopefully no twins or siblings want a BOC, cause too bad.

First world problems, amirite?

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Damn, this is sad. So if 2ppl who stay in the same place order separate BoCs, one could get cancelled🥲. First world problems for sure!

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Not could. Will.

VOP doesn’t work but that does.

I had this happen spouse and i live at same address however use different accounts and different credit cards we both won a boc this week but mine was cancelled today due to it saying it due to me getting another one too soon? It says one per person does this not count as one per person when we have separate credit cards with different account numbers and different amazon/woot accounts? I was really looking forward to my boc lol ??

They were addressed to the same person. I have no idea of intentions, relationships, etc. If it look like it’s going to the same person, I’m deleting one. Sorry.

Me and my girlfriend (same address) have never had this problem. We do each have our own (very active) Woot accounts, different names (it would be weird if we didn’t), and each pay using our own cards.