Hi, I’m new here. What exactly is a BOC and how can I get one? Also, is there not a search bar on the app to search for deals?

Welcome to Woot!

A BOC (Bag o’ Crap) is something that thousands strive to purchase but few are lucky enough to. You can see what people have gotten in this thread:

And sorry, but we’re not fancy enough to have search. You can filter quite a bit on our All Deals page though.


I love this place. Every one has different opinions.
Some topics I sit out, and look later. Keeping up is so much fun, when I do.
Happy Thanksgiving Wooters




Bags of Crap are now Boxes of Crap.
Fun for surprises. Some items are sent for me exactly.
Random stuff they say.
Happy Wooting

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BoCs, bags of crap, are the grown up equivalent of grab bags. They go on sale mainly during the monthly Woot-off, which is a special day when different products are offered throughout the day, but sometimes appear during other special events. You have to pay attention to the daily going ons around here to know when and where they might appear.

The good news is that this month there will be several opportunities to try to snag one of these elusive treasures. You can read all about it at the post below. Just know that they will always cost $9.99, can sellout in just a few minutes, and will have a name that starts with a B, an O, and a C such as this…

Upcoming events, including BoC sales…

Welcome and good luck!


will sell out in nanoseconds.

Now if you want the Bag of Crap experience, when the Box of Crap arrives, take out the Woot Bag that’s inside and put all the items in it.

Congratulations! You now have a Bag of Crap.

Then, Disappointment shortly thereafter.

Followed by tears and an empty box.

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And peel the tape off your box. Don’t cut it or you’ll have a leaky bag.

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Thanks so much! Is there usually a specific day of the month that they do woot-offs? Ie. Every 10th or something

A good place to start for info is our Daily Digest and newsletters. You can subscribe the them on “My Account” on

On the forums, we will post a blog about events coming up during our special event weeks. We have one up now called “Holiday Survival Guide” that details everything coming up later this month. They’re linked on special buttons at the top of the forums front page.


How is my future looking?
A new crappy coupon is needed.


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