Scored a bag of crap in today’s game just in time for Christmas!!


Gulp, woot…sells…crap? And not just any crap but a whole bag of it? And you got a bag? O’ Crap? And you’re happy? Okay

You really don’t know?

Welcome to Woot new person!



it took me a while, but here’s my BOC.

Green Woot bag
Blue Under Armour polo shirt, size large
Infrared thermometer
heavy duty flashlight
black shirt XL with comic characters. The only one I recognize is Skeletor.
One box of Kleenex tissues, kind of crushed, but usable. I wonder if that came off someone’s desk.
2 cloth masks
The white plastic thing is part of unit that I think you can put between seats that will hold drinks and food, but there’s no pipe to go with it.
A shot flask.

Frankly, TT, I think you need to cut back on your vacations because I didn’t find much here to be disappointed in.+