I bagged my first BOC ever on the 12th and it hasn’t left the warehouse yet. Most of my Woot orders arrive within a few days of ordering. I have never had an order take so long. Is the lag because it’s a BOC or because of the birthday celebration? What’s the hold up? I WANT MY BOC!!!

yes. most from this week will ship next week. don’t worry tho, it will be just as crappy

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This is crap :crazy_face:

well, yes.

Got it. Nothing to look forward to. I bought the resistance bands. I will take my disappointment out on those.

that’s the spirit

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Don’t worry. Bocs used to take years to ship. Back in the good old days they were hand packed and traveled by dog sled through the wilds of Kansas, barefoot uphill, for decades and decades until they finally got drop kicked onto our porches.


That would probably be faster than whatever they are doing now!!!

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Lol, these are usually a bit slower but it’s all good.

Pro Tip: don’t cut into it with a knife. Peel the tape off if you can or open it upside down. The bag is usually pressed against the top and its easy to cut it.

There’s always this
Boxes of Cats

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I mean, it’s the 16th. Its only been 4 days. :shrugssholders:

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Honestly , I’ve had two day delivery. I ordered a shirt for my husband, it came in 2 days. Neither of us cared when it showed up . I want what I want, and I want it now!.

That would TOTALLY hold me over.
I love the “FLUFFINESS” of all those cats!

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BTW, missed the spelling of shoulders. Who are you to talk?

:shugsshoulders: :wink:

Thank you!

If you used prime for the shirt they have upgraded shipping compared with everything else unless there’s a special going on.