Bodegas el Angosto, Spain (6)

Bodegas el Angosto Spain 6-Pack
$69.99 (Normally $87.00) 20% off List Price
3 2010 Barranc Del Rei Monastrell
3 2010 La Tribu Grenache Blend
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Took me forever to find the “discuss” link and then it took me to the world of wine woot instead of the particular wine. Odd.

Interested in hearing impressions of these wines.

Opened the Monstrall last night. I am not familiar with this varietal. Balance was nice but with some forward acidity which made it more appropriate choice with food (we had rockfish stew). As the night progressed the wine continued to soften.

Can’t be shipped to Virginia? Is that a mistake? First time since Wine.Woot has opened that VA wasn’t on the list that I can recall…Bummer!

got one…usually miss the good woot-offs

A reminder since people are starting to wake up and join us (hopefully)…


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In memory of our dear bacon, I think we should all get free shipping today!

International is apparently a totally different deal. There’s no Texas either.

I have a better idea, we should all get Brandini with our first order :wink:

Just curious…in the text where it says 3 kinds of wine that will never be offered on Woot!..fortified wine is one of the 3. As a port lover, why not? Sandemans ftw…

Probably because all the work getting through the fortification isn’t worth it for a :wink: (sorry, had to…)

I read that too and don’t believe it. Unless things have truly changed, port has been offered on numerous occasions in previous woot-offs. I’m thinking that was just a poorly written joke.

I’ve purchased plenty of International through Wine.Woot, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said…I totally get that it’s still a PITA to get licenses to ship to states that do allow it so it’s reasonable for VA not to be there…Still surprised, though.

man you sure like your Brandini :slight_smile: