Bodegas M Edna Valley Albariño (4)

Bodegas M Edna Valley Albariño 4-Pack
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2011 Albariño - Querida, Edna Valley
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4/24/12 (2010)

Can anyone compare this to the 2010 woot from April 0f '12 for the '10?

I cannot but here my notes for the 2011.

Received this bottle from a friend and upon opening the color is a light yellow with a slightly golden hue. We opened it after getting home from a friends house at fridge temp. so it didn’t get enjoyed with food. The nose was very muted when first opened but with a bit of air and warming it came alive with peaches and pear flavors. Also a nice tart green apple flavor runs as an undercurrent. As the wine warms further a little bit some Carmel notes come out giving the wine an almost Carmel apple nose.

The palate is light/medium bodied. What I mean by this is that it starts medium bodied feeling slightly heavy but finshes noticeably lighter. The finish is very tart though and does have a pucker factor, it also leaves the mouth watering. There is noticeable acidity to the wine and the tart finish seems to really bring it out. The finish does also have a slight creaminess and the Carmel notes lead me to believe there was a very moderate use of oak on this wine.

Day 2 the wine seemed nearly the same except that much of the expressive flavors are gone, leaving mostly the tart green apple. Definitely more enjoyable on day 1. My wife noted that with food the tartness calmed down quite a bit. And I agree that’s it’s better with food.

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Yes. I was the lucky recipient of a 2011 Bodegas M Albariño and have also recently had the 2010 vintage.

First my notes on the 2011;
Light golden color in the glass, nose of peaches and lemon cream, with medium body and slightly viscous mouthfeel.

Peaches, pears, melon and citrus zest on the palate with an apple pie a la mode finish. Decent acidity but less than other Albariños I have tried. Guessing by the creaminess of the wine that there was at least partial MLF.

I would say that the 2011 is somewhat more fruit-forward than the 2010. Otherwise very similar.

A little heavier than most Albariños but definitely enjoyable and a reasonably good value at the wine.woot price.

A monkey driving a FedEx truck came whizzing through my neighborhood recently. I live in a subdivision with some very uptight people on our homeowner’s association board and I was concerned that they might take offense to his presence and his erratic driving. I tried to warn him to slow down; he would not listen to me, but before driving away, he yelled something in Spanish “Coger el dia!” and threw a box in my yard. My rusty high-school Spanish was able to make out “Seize the day!” so I opened the box with gusto and was pleased to find a single bottle of Albarino. I have become very fond of Spanish whites and was happy to receive it. But wait! This is not from Spain, but from the Edna Valley in California. A 2011 Bodegas M Querida Albarino. I chilled the bottle for later consumption.

We are not well-schooled in tasting notes but are happy to share our experience with fellow wooters.

The wine is light yellow to gold in color. Upon opening, my fellow tasters and I noticed that there was not much to the nose at refrigerator temperature; just a hint of citrus. The first taste was crisp/acidic with pronounced green apple. As it warmed a bit we got a bit of citrus (grapefruit & lemon) and more green apple and something a bit sweeter (pear??), but still a good bit of acid . One taster suggested perhaps some pineapple, but I did not get that. The green apple holds through to a nice finish. Another thing we noticed was a viscous mouth feel that I am not used to in an Albarino; sort of a velvety coating of the tongue which we very much enjoyed (some oak perhaps?) and seemed more pronounced as the wine warmed. This bottle was a very easy drinker and was empty much too soon.

For comparison, we also opened a 2011 Almirante Rias Baixas Pionero Maccerato Colleita. By comparison the Spanish Albarino was lighter and more one-dimensional. It was crisp with plenty of acid, some lemon and floral notes. While I enjoy the Spanish wine, side-by-side I preferred the Bodegas M Albarino.

I would guess a woot price around $14 -16 and in this price range will purchase. YMMV.

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Wine.Woot is currently not able to offer wine deals in certain states, but will be opening up additional states as laws and regulations regarding selling wine online continue to evolve.

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Not a Central American monkey, I presume??? :slight_smile:

Nicely done. i’m rarely disappointed with Edna Valley. Solid QPR here.

Why does nobody ship to Michigan anymore? This is turning into a huge issue.

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I agree with North.

Hello Wooters and Bodegas M devotees!
Michael here. I’m one of the M’s in Bodegas M. Alan Kinne, our wine maker will try to chime in, but is up to his elbows in Tempranillo at present. The 2013 crop is beautiful as was the 2012, so look forward to our best two vintages upcoming. Specific to this offering, let me circle around some of the comments here about our 2011 Albarino Querida.
Yes, what we like to consider some subtle wood aging, 6 months in seasoned French oak. This creamy underpinning really differentiates Bodegas M Albarino from many others, American and Spanish Albarino wines alike. The full mouth feel and added structure make this wine particularly nice as an accompaniment at table, as one wooter cited.As always though, it is the fruit that speaks loudest. Great acidity, a long acid arc in the mouth, and classic Albarino typicity are hallmarks of fruit from the esteemed Paragon Vineyard in Edna Valley, from where this fruit derives. Thanks for enjoying these wines, and please tell a friend! We only produced 275 cases of this beauty, with 50 on hand. Salud!

…Bodegas M is a Garagiste wiñery. I’ve come to rely oñ them for solid Tempranillo and Albariño.

I agree with the earlier commeñt that this is a bit heavier thañ most Albariños, which I thiñk makes it a good autumñ white and a good white for the Thañksgiving table.

Thanks Neilfindswine…also, this is a great foil to a holiday seafood dinner! Dungeness crab is in season, and Albarino is a good fit here!

mmmm Tempranillo…hint hint


I really enjoyed both the 2007 and 2008 vintages of Bodegas M Tempranillo.
But please wait until OH is back on the ship-to list, mmkay? :wink:

Thanks my friend for your comments. The creaminess is a product of the wood aging. Alan does no ML on this wine, FYI. Not that you couldn’t with such a high acid variety, but that would add some heft that I think most of us would consider unworthy of an ABC wine…you know, Anything But Chardonnay!