Bodegas Pimenteiro - 3 Pack

Bodegas Pimenteiro - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2008 Pimenteiro
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Yes, another labrat report. Last one I promise! :}

Nice dark garnet red color. Touch of purple around the edges. Looks kind of light, maybe lighter than I expected. Smells pretty good right upon opening. I thought it might be tight being a 2008 but it wasn’t bad. Noticeable alcohol, good fruit… black plum and black cherry, green pepper, light oak, maybe some tobacco or cigar box even (cedar/tobacco), black pepper in the background. Very interesting! As this opens up more it gets better and better. Getting a lot of those different pepper notes and even some barnyard type smell hidden in there.

Wow this tastes good. Thankfully it smells hotter than it tastes. Also not as fruity as it smells either. Just some dark fruit mixed in with a lot of spice, pepper, oak, some green notes, and general earthiness. Some tannin present but not bad, not bitter. Light to medium bodied, pretty balanced, nice acid level, good mouthfeel, good medium finish.
Great food wine. Surprisingly good with salmon, really happy about that. Wish I had some cheese around to try this with.

Solid wine. Buy it if you want to try something different.

Edit: After being open a while now this has settled down a bit and yet revealed itself more. Definitely getting the pepper pot nose and some more funk as well. Smells more like red candy now. Maybe twizzlers. On the palate also changing to red fruit, lush and long finish. Everything is integrating nicely now, I can pick out less than before but it is also different than before. A chameleon!

Hi Everyone! I am Heather Gray and I will representing the winery throughout this Woot. I am here to answer any questions you may have. Cheers!

I don’t know anything about this wine, but the cool label is almost swaying me on its own.

The label really is quite the looker. Is there a story behind the art?

The last of my lab rat duties and I could not be more surprised by this wine.
I loved the deep red color at the start. Unfortunately that is all I liked in the first glass. Immediately, I wished I could open this bottle in a year or 5. I let it sit for an hour and half and came back to a totally different wine. Fruit combined with the leather nose. The harsh tannins on the finish were gone and replaced by deep red fruit and pepper. I can’t believe this was the same wine.
This is a wine that could be had on its own but would be great with a steak or bbq ribs. I think since it is a 3 pack drink one now, one in two years and one in 5 plus years to see it mature. Of the 3 wines I have ratted this has been my favorite.
In for 1

Hi All,

Neil put this deal together. Who’s Neil?

He’s the new guy. Commence rookie hazing.

Dear Neil,

Give all of us WD’s lunch money!

How was that? :tongue: Robbing your boss seems like a good start.

The winemaker, Dorothy Schuler, is very good friends with an artist named Morse Clary. She gave him her vision and the face is what he created for us. For each different wine we make, we have a different color back ground. Makes it fun and definitely catches the eye!

I am really intrigued. I may not be able to hold myself back on this one. Tyger, what say you?

I also love the late-night winery participation. So, winery participant, convince me.:happy:

You know I never turn down a nice deal sez I :wink:

Does it have anything to do why we are getting mid-week lab rats?

Are we going to be seeing less of you?

Ooooo. Cesare’s labrat report has caused me to pause. Doesn’t sound much like my style. I’m sleeping on it so don’t count on me if you’re really interested.

Try it ~ you’ll like it!! :slight_smile:
(convinced? or need more??)

Knowing you… it is probably not as fruity as you’d like. More of an old world style wine BUT with the backbone (read: alcohol) to carry it along. Lower alcohol European wines are nice but sometimes they just fall apart too quickly. This hides its alcohol well and is a good food wine. I would say better with food than without but I’m telling you I am still drinking this now at almost 2am it is tasting damn fine by itself.

Set up for shipping to Maryland and you’d have a sale!

I’ve tried many wines in my day, are there any that this can be compared to in terms of bouquet?

Hellooo Wooters! Happy to be the new guy and happy to be here. Sitting on the porch having a glass of Pimentiero as I type. Summer has finally arrived here in Los Angeles, it’s still 83 degrees at 11:30PM!

Welcome aboard, Neil! Nice to meet you. :slight_smile: