Bodegas Pimenteiro - 3 Pack

Bodegas Pimenteiro - 3 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2008 Pimenteiro
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edit whoops I didnt realize cesare gets that too.

I want this! No Maryland love though. sad

…the Bastardo’s back! …love this Paso Robles juice made from the Trousseau grape, aka Bastardo!

Pretty pretty label!

I don’t know what to do. $20 a bottle, but looks interesting.

I want to buy it just because of the name of the grape! :tongue:

edit: plus the fact that I’ve not had that varietal before, from what I remember.

What’s with the crazy man on the label?

What do you mean? If you have the law on your side, you buy, buy, buy! Buy, I say!

It’s a rich, spicy, interesting bottle of wine (see the link that CowboyDann posted above for previous rattage). Great label, great grape name, great juice and at this price a great deal!

Nice mix of wine on the woot-off!!

I know! Me too! Super sad.

Was this fascist delivery ban always in effect?

Any thoughts on good food pairings for this wine? It is an interesting beast/bastard, but it really felt like it needed to be paired with some food instead of my usual wine as its own course methodology.

So did you buy? I’ve been very conservative this *.off, but this does look interesting. Minnesota gal here… just looking for a little direction with this one.

Bastardo (Trousseau) is used to make Port.

Sounds interesting and the cellartracker notes look good.

One seems to have fallen into my cart.

The wine has a subtle peppery layer that interweaves with the ample fruit- a good pair with a nice steak, beef stew, paella… I enjoyed it last with a strong Gorgonzola cheese. Sublime.

Thanks! Beef stew was what I was thinking. Gorgonzola sounds interesting, might have to try that.

Maybe they’ll have bottles of crap soon… >.<