Body by Jake Suspension I.M. Rings

Some additional info and a FAQ page can be found over at

Let’s get started with this beginner workout [youtube=eGUHIWgIv_k][/youtube]

Great savings:

Price compare @ $99

Here is a great review

This is basically a rope with handles. There is no added resistance like in bungee cord types. You have to pull yourself as the weight to get resistance. To me, those types of exercises are more boring and less likely to be continued. Many of those exercises in the posted video don’t even look like they are being helped by this tool.

The “Great Saving” concept always sems flawed to me. If you want to actually save $$$ don’t buy the product in the first place.

If you’re looking for a ring system, it’s a good price period. Compared to what Amazon is selling it for, it’s a good deal.

Coming soon to a flea market or garage sale near you!

dangit! i was looking for something exactly like this last week, and ended up spending about $20 more on a similar product. shakes fist

From my quick search, this is the only user review on the web, despite this system being sold at AND Amazon. That seems odd to me.

Looks like a cheaper alternative to the TRX.

This is actually a really good deal for a decent set of rings. This is definitely a product that’s either worth a lot to you or worthless.

Rings are on the thin side. But it’s worth buying for the strap system it comes with. Compare it to the human trainer.

Just bought one … similar to TRX which goes for around $200

True, it is basically a rope with handles, but it’s a great way to train if you don’t have a lot of space or don’t feel like spending money for a gym membership. The TRX systems are nice, but if you got one you would look at it and say “I spent $200 on THIS?” You can get a great full bodyweight workout in a fraction of the time and if it looks like it’s easy, you should definitely try it! It’s also really good if you have a prior injury from lifting because depending on where you stand, it dictates how much “weight” or tension is in the exercise.

I made a comparable system with tow straps, carabiner hooks and handles and that cost about $25 to make, so at $30, this is a pretty good deal if you’re looking for an alternative way to exercise.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be doing muscle ups in my doorway with these.

How about I give you $14.95 to try it, woot???

Anyone know what are these rings made out of? How much weight can they safely bear?

Anybody knows the weight of the full set? Thinking about using it for travelling, can’t travel with dumbells…